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5 Inspiring Church Websites That Launched Recently

6 Creative and Meaningful Ways to Thank Your Donors

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6 Tips for Giving Tuesday

Building a Strategic Church Website

How to be Missional with Your Church Annual Report

8 Ways to Promote Prayer at Your Church

6 Steps to Stronger Church Branding

How One Church’s Successful Strategy Increased Views by 41%

Creating a Church Visitor Welcome Kit on Any Budget

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Honest Comparison—Who Should Build Your Church Website?

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How to Promote Healthy Church Teams in 12 Steps

Key Bible Verses About Hope

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10 Ways to Get Your Church Website Ready for Easter

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Top 25 Worship Songs to Play on Easter Sunday

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6 Reasons Your Church Needs Live Streaming

Top 9 Church Leadership Resolutions For The New Year

How to Connect Church Members to Small Groups

3 Reasons Senior Adults Aren't Visiting Your Church Website

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6 Ways to Make Your Website Launch a Success

How to Stay Connected to Your Church in a Storm

8 Social Media Lessons Learned From Rethink Communication by Phil Bowdle

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10 Top Church Website Designs Launched In 2018

What's on Every Church Communicator's Christmas List This Year

A Church Communicator's Guide to Wrapping Up The Year

How to Get Your Church Excited About Online Giving

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How to Master the End-of-Year Church Giving Push

8 Ways to Use Your Free Christmas Graphics and Advent Devotional

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How to Set Up Online Giving on Your Church Website

7 Tips for More Effective Presentations to Your Church Staff

Your Guide to Pastor Appreciation Day

7 Mistakes to Avoid with Online Giving

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Ask a Church Communicator: Part 4

Ask a Church Communicator: Part 3

How Long Does a Church Website Redesign Take?

The Top 8 Resources for Church Communicators

[Free Relief Guide and Social Graphics] 5 Steps Churches Should Take to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Ask a Church Communicator: Part 2

Ask a Church Communicator: Part 1

4 Church Website Design Myths You Shouldn't Believe

The Church Management Balancing Act: Ministry and Procedure

How Long Will It Take to Reach My Church Website Goals?

The Key to a Great Kids Page on Your Church Website

Tips to Engage Younger Church Members Today

5 Ways Your Church Can Engage Students Online

Free eBook: Goal-Oriented Church Website Design

Are You Evaluating the Correct Metrics For Your Church Website?

Our Top 7 Cringe-Worthy Church Website Design Mistakes

How to Choose Your Church Website Theme

[New Layout] Next Steps #1

Why You Should Set Goals for Your Church Online Efforts and 3 Winning Examples

6 Ways to Promote Your Church Website

7 Essential Tools in a Church Website Builder

6 Statistics to Consider When Evaluating Your Church Website

How to Create Compelling 'Next Steps' for Your Church Website

[New Ministry Focused Layout] New Here 3

Evaluating Your Church Website With Ashley Samuelson

The 5 Best Ways To Engage Visitors on Your Church Website

Why Text-to-Give Works for Churches

The Best Ways to Fundraise for Your Summer Mission Trips

How to Get Members Engaged and Active on Your Church Website

[On-Demand Webinar] The Power of Ekklesia 360 and FellowshipOne

8 Tips to Create the Best VBS Registration Form

How One Church's Website Redesign Attracted One Million Visitors

5 Complaints About Online Giving Tools (and How to Solve Them)

Inspiring Ways to Design the Missions Page on Your Website

5 Metrics to Master When Measuring Your Online Giving

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​5 Ways to Use Your Free Easter Graphics

Church Website Design 101: The Best Way to Design Your Online Giving Page

An Open Letter to the Stressed-Out Church Communicator

Benefits of Online Giving When It Comes to Taxes

Celebrate This Easter Season with a Free Easter Devotional and Graphics

Which Online Giving Platform Is Right For Your Church? e360 Giving, PushPay, SecureGive, Tithe.ly or PayPal?

2018 Online Giving Statistics You Shouldn't Ignore

The 6 Most Helpful Church Communications Resources from the Ekklesia 360 Library

An Inside Look at the e360 Giving Buyer's Guide Kit

Can Your Church Website Get Away With a Template?

Church Website Design 101: How to Choose Images, Colors, and Fonts

What to Do If You Didn’t Get Full Church Communications Budget Approval for 2018

How to Set Goals For Yourself and Your Church in 2018

Statistics Church Communicators Need to Know for 2018

7 Design Trends for Church Websites in 2018

The Definitive Guide to Talking About Tithes—the Right Way

The Top Church Websites of 2017

6 Hidden Costs of Building Your Own Church Website

What Parts of Your Church Website Can You (Successfully) Outsource?

How SEO Has Changed—Again—for Church Websites in 2018

Which Live Streaming Software Should Your Church Use?

When It's Time for a New Church Website and What to Tell Your Staff

How To Take A Great Photo For Your Church Using Your Phone

9 Comprehensive Design Tips for Self-Taught and Veteran Graphic Designers

5 Ideas for Your Free Advent Graphics

How to Create a Fool-Proof Presentation for Your Staff's Buy-In

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8 Tips Pros Use When Designing A Church Logo

[Free Download] Christmas Graphics and Advent Devotional Guide 2017

Your One-Stop-Shop for Free Church Graphic Design Tools

Our Favorite Resources & Methods to Teach Yourself Graphic Design

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Your Master Church To-Do List to Prepare for Christmas

Tailored Websites 101: Not a Theme, Not Quite Custom

Top 6 Complaints from Large Church Communicators

6 Real Tailored Church Websites for Inspiration

5 Myths About Large Churches—Debunked

13 Awesome Church Websites Using Themes

Good, Better, and Best Ways to Grow Your Large Church's Small Groups

5 Border-line Genius Ways Large Churches Streamline Operations

Your Church Staff Won't Listen to Your Ideas—Now What?

[New Features] Announcing Password Protected Pages, Scheduled Posts, and More

4 Reasons You're Not Meeting Deadlines and What to Do Next

Featured Multi-Site Church: Eagle Brook and Their Proven Results

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Here's How and Why You Should Repurpose Your Content [Case Study]

Questions to Ask When Looking for Someone to Build Your Church Website

Your 8-Week Plan for a Church Website Overhaul

How to Promote Summer Church Events on Your Website

The Worst Church Website Advice for Large Churches

How Your Church Website Can Make Your Big Church Feel Smaller

6 Awesome Multi-Site Church Websites For Inspiration

Real Church Wins! How a Small Church Boosted Engagement with Facebook

How Much Does a Church Website Cost? 4 Different Scenarios

The Moses Method for Church Website Decision Making

How to Convince Your Team You Need a New Church Website

5 Church Website Pages You Should Have, But Don't

Your Congregation Just Isn’t Giving—What’s Wrong?

Enter the Church Website Revival to Win a Free Assessment!

9 Awesome Church Websites Launched This Spring!

How to Keep Millennials Coming to Church

10 Rockstar Church Websites That Are Promoting Easter

​5 Simple Things You Can Automate For Your Church Communication

Church Communicators—You Need to Take Care of Yourself! No, Seriously

Your Church Website Content is Failing—Now What?

How a Church Website Heatmap Can Improve Your Content

5 Myths Every Church Communicator Believes

[Free Easter Graphics] Easter Services Images 2017

8 Stats Church Communicators Should Know for 2017

3 Ways Your Congregation Can Join Your Mission—Not Just Show Up on Sunday

Church Branding - Part 2

Michael Built a Website on His Commute —The FBC Tulsa Story

[Guest Post] Church Branding - Part 1

[Survey] Easter Giveaway 2017

It's a New Year! Need Some New Church Communications Inspiration?

[Free eBook] Annual Giving Statements: Surprise & Delight Your Givers

Church Communicator Spotlight—The Bible Chapel

How to Make Cool Text Graphic Design for Your Church

[Free Download] Christmas Service Graphics

How to Edit Your Church Welcome Cards in Adobe

Graphic Design Creator's Block? Try These for Inspiration

4 Tips to Make an Okay Sermon Slide an Awesome One

How to Build a Church Graphic Design Style Guide, Part 2 [Examples]

Four Design Styles for Clear Communication on Your Church Website

Our Favorite Hand-Picked Free Templates for Sermon Slides

Doing Church Graphic Design for Print? Don't Make These Mistakes

Are You Trying to Organize A LOT of Church Website Information?

Teaching Yourself Church Graphic Design? Here's How to Do it Right

[new resource] - Church Graphic Design Kit

How Your Tiny Church Can Have Great Graphic Design

How to Cut Down On Your Church Graphic Design Needs

How to Build a Church Graphic Design Style Guide, Part 1

Ekklesia 360 New Features for your Church Website

How to Get Your Pastor Involved In Your Church Website

16 Recent Church Website Launches!

Getting the Most Out of Your ChMS is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Your Church Management Software Can Recruit Last-Minute Volunteers

How Church Management Software Workflows Can Do Your Work

​8 Things You Need to Start Doing With Your Church Social Media

Announcing e360 ChMS | A Church Management System from Ekklesia 360

Small(ish) Updates to Make a BIG Impression on Your Church Website

Don't Put These 6 Things On Your Church Website Homepage

[Case Study] Woodbury Lutheran Built a Great New Church Website and Now Has A Strategic Plan

Why Pokémon GO Deserves a Spot On Your Church Website

6 Ways to Style Your Church Website Content Like a Pro

Announcing Elliot, the Newest e360 Theme for Church Websites

​How to Revamp Your Church Website With New Leadership

How to Make Your Church Website 404 Pages Better and Actually Useful

6 Church Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Building a Church Website: 7 Must-Have Pages and What to Put On Them

Your Congregation Isn't Using Your Church Website—Now What?​

​7 Tips to Make Your Best Church Newsletter Ever

4 Tell-Tale Signs It's Time To Build a Church Website

​How to Set Up Live Streaming On Your Church Website

More Admins, More Problems—Who All Should Run Your Church Website?

Blueprint for a Great Church Website Homepage

Our Take On the 1st Steve Fogg Podcast Episode: Crisis Church Communications

Announcing a Partnership with Protect My Ministry

Online Giving Has Helped the Donations at East Brainerd Church of Christ

6 Things Your Members Want You to Know About How They Use the Internet

7 Bible Verses to Inspire Your Donors

Your 5 Most Common FAQs About Online Giving—Answered!

Why an Outdated Church Website Hurts Your Mission

Three Simples Phases to a Great Fundraising Campaign

How to Set Up a New Online Giving Tool Before You Launch a Church Website

Why Timing is Everything for Tithes and Offering

How to Increase Tithes and Offering by 32% This Year

How to Pick Church Website Colors

How Can I Add Users/Set Permissions in Ekklesia 360?

9 Church Website Improvements You Can Knock Out in a Few Minutes

4 Inspiring Church Websites That Launched This Month!

4 Brainstorming Boosters For Your Church Communications Team

What Is the Difference Between Tithes and Offering Online?

How to Make Your Church Website Better By Building a Site Map

Best SEO Practices for Church Websites

Ekklesia 360 Helps: What’s the Difference Between Blogs and Articles?

Is There a Low-Cost Alternative to Google?

New Church Communications Resources to Inspire You Today

5 Great Easter Ideas for Church That You Still Have Time to Use

How to Talk to Your Church About Your New Online Giving Platform

Unsure How to Kick Off Your New Church Website? Start Here

An Easter Prayer Wall

Make Tithes and Offering Easier and More Meaningful on Your Church Website

Does Your Church Website Match Your 2016 Vision and Mission?

Your Church Could be Missing Out on $10,000 a Month

Easter Ideas for Church Websites Checklist: Are You Prepared?

How to Invite Your Christmas Church Visitors Back for Easter

How to Lead Your Army of Volunteers with Your ChMS

These Churches Just Launched Beautiful New Church Websites!

The Helpful Blog Posts You Loved Most in 2015

pray.org Tells Better Stories -- Your Church Website Can, Too

5 Things You Should Definitely Do During a Church Website Demo

Announcing e360 Giving | An Online Giving Tool For Your Church Website

7 Homepage Rotator Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Does Your ChMS Help Your Pastor, Or Hinder Your Ministry?

7 Church Website Design Trends to Follow in 2016

Happy New Year - Ekklesia 360 Year in Review

Your Church Website, Your Colors, and You

What Is the Value of a Custom Church Website Design?

Merry Christmas from Ekklesia 360

4 Ways to Make Your Church Content Festive This Season

The Twelve Days of Church Office Christmas

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year––To Welcome Church Visitors

6 Ways to Use Your Church Website to Improve Engagement This Christmas

Dust Off the Mantle: Last-Minute Church Christmas Tips!

5 Reasons You Should Start Planning for Easter––Before Christmas

‘Tis the Season to Be Inspired: 10 Church Websites that Highlight Service

We’re Thankful for Our Amazing Ministry Partners!

Stories of Church Communicators

Are You Ready to Be a Multi-Site Church?

3 Reasons to Be Totally Engaged in Your Church Website Redesign Process

Your Top Ekklesia 360 FAQs––Answered!

How to Write a Support Request Email (That Gets a Response Right Away!)

Announcing, Spurgeon, the Newest e360 Theme for Church Websites

Dear Pastors: It’s Okay to Delegate Your Church Website!

What Kind of Multi-Site Church Website Do You Need?

4 New Ways to Use Your Awesome Church Mission Statement

Why the Best Church Communicators Need to Be Leaders––Not Followers

3 Easy Steps for Empowering Anyone Who Works on Your Church Website

[Free Download] Hand-Painted Advent Graphics (and more!)

Secular and Church Content Ain’t So Different After All

How to Use Storytelling When Growing an Engaged Church

Is Your Church Content Actually Impactful? Start Measuring Now

The Skillsets Every Church Communications Team Needs

3 Keys (and a Bonus Tip) to Church Website Design

12 of the Best Church Websites Launched in 2015

How to Host a Church Podcast (For Beginners!)

Church Website Words You Need to Know

Do You Need a Web Designer for Your New Church Website?

Never Miss a Trend: 8 Inspiring Resources for Church Communications

Why the Best Church Communications Rely on a Content Calendar

The Essential Elements of an Efficient Church Content Strategy

3 Habits You Can Break to Be a More Efficient Church Communicator

Church Communicators, Will You Join Us in Dallas?

How to Maximize Your Time Before Sunday’s Sermon

7 Statistics Every Church Communications Leader Needs to Know

What Makes for Really Good Church Management Software?

How to Keep Your Congregation Active On Your Church Website

6 Hurdles Every Church Communications Leader Needs to Jump

3 Key Questions You Should Ask About Church Website Integrations

Use Your Church Website to Welcome New Visitors to Your Church

Save 5 Hours a Week With This Church Communications Tool

Why You Should Choose an Expert Ministry Partner vs. a Local Design Firm

Church Mission Statements Make the Difference: Write Yours in 6 Steps

6 Software Tools Church Communicators Can’t Live Without

3 Ways to Be Constantly Improving Your Church Website

48 Free Ministry Icons You Can Download Now

Putting Sermons Online to Mature Your Congregation's Faith

How Pastors Can Use Social Media to Promote Sermons Online

Boost Attendance With These 5 Must-Haves for Church Websites

Welcome Augustine, the Latest e360 Theme

5 Ways to Increase Participation in Your Church Small Groups

How to Encourage Church Volunteers to Invest in Service

Does Your Church "Welcome" Make a Good First Impression?

What the Future of Church Website Development Looks Like

6 Tips to Reach More People With Your Sermons Online

What Your Congregation Wants From Your Church Website

What Should Your Custom Church Website Redesign Process Look Like?

What's the Best Church Management Software? Church Community Builder vs The City vs Fellowship One vs e360 ChMS

Introducing Ekklesia 360 Training Videos

Use the Latest e360 Theme to Grow Your Ministry

Introducing Joanna Gray, Our New Executive Assistant!

The Conference Every Church Communicator Needs To Attend

What Every Church Marketer Should Know About Mobile

Top 5 Analytics Reports To Gain Ministry Insight

Master The Art Of Small Groups With Our New Module Just For Churches

The Essential Guide To Mobile Technology and the Church

6 Ways To Digitally Maximize The Easter Experience For Your Church

5 Leadership Tips Pastors Can Use To Grow Their Influence

Welcome To Our New Ekklesia 360 Blog!

4 Churches Rocking Mega Navigation on Their Church Website

5 Design Trends for Church Websites in 2015

New Responsive e360 Theme, Ten Boom, is Now Available

The Ekklesia 360 CMS Has a New and Improved Forms Builder!

Faber is Here! New Responsive e360 Theme Now Available

Dirty Little Secret, Are You Putting Garbage On Your Church Website

3 Hidden Costs Of Building Your Own Church Website

How Can I Make My Church Staff Page Better?

18 Best Church Website Themes

3 Quick Wins in Planning Your Next Church Website

Build Attendance For Your Church Events Using an iPad

Ministry Partner Interview: Content Strategy's Role in the Church

A Speedier Ekklesia 360

White Paper: Content Strategy and the Church

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