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How to Build a Church Website That Makes People Want to Come Back

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Ministry matters, regardless of where it takes place. Whether on the mission field, in a church building, or online.  

With so much church happening on the internet, why not extend your reach and spread the gospel across the globe? One avenue to do this is through your church website.  

But it can get a little sticky trying to develop a unique, ministry-focused website when your church, team, and staff are busy. We get it.  

That’s why at Ekklesia 360, we’ve compiled some best practices for your website build project. Whether you're just starting out or you want to rebrand or revamp your current site.  


Create and Follow a Strategy

First, you’ll want to have a strategy in place. Though it may seem like this will take up some time, it will be better than winging it and having to go back to redo things later on. This strategy will help you to communicate on purpose.  

Have a plan and system for how you want your website to look, what the goals are, and how you’ll communicate through your site. Having a strategy in place will give you a plan and will give you confidence as you move forward with the project.  

The strategy team at Ekklesia 360 can help walk you through 4 principles for an effective website, including your story, your people, your tools, and your plan. Also check out this article about how having a website strategy is a game changer.  


Create a Beautiful User Experience

You’ll also want to consider the design of your website. Let’s face it, design matters. You don’t want visitors who are trying to find out more about your church to get lost on the home page or distracted by outdated features. Even members can find it frustrating when they browse a site that is difficult to navigate.  

You want the design of your church website to reflect your ministry and its goals. Along with a web strategy, we can help you build a custom design specifically with your ministry ambitions in mind. Get real ministry results for your church. You can even read about the latest church website design trends for 2021.  


Function that Matches Fashion

Of course, you want your website to look great, but it also needs to function properly. That’s why development is another key aspect in building out your church website. Sure, you can use just about any website builder to put something out there, but you want a site that functions seamlessly and in line with your ministry. Members should be able to easily sign up for an event or a small group. Those who want to catch the latest message won’t want to dig around trying to find a hidden archive.  

Functionality matters when it comes to your website. That’s why the Ekklesia 360 development team works directly with you to ensure your website performs at the highest capacity. Here are 10 features to look for in a custom church website.  


Next Steps

Take the guesswork out of building your website. Start with a strategy, polish your design, and develop a custom site targeted to your people. The Ekklessia 360 team is here to help you throughout the process.  

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