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Top 9 Church Leadership Resolutions For The New Year

Posted by Samantha Decker


It’s the beginning of a new year. This is the time to change, tweak and start whatever you want to make your ministry and team better than ever. But, the starting point is where it all begins. You need to make some church leadership resolutions!

Don’t feel intimidated when it comes it resolutions and don’t ride them off as things that never stick. Resolutions can make a huge impact if you make the right ones. God can even use your 2019 resolutions to make your ministry and team reflect his heart too!

Here are a few of our favorite church leadership resolutions that are not overwhelming and definitely doable for each leadership team: 


1. Put God first

This may seem like a cliche church leadership resolution for the new year, but really focusing on putting God first in all your endeavors at work and at home can make a huge difference. Here are a few ideas on putting God first in the workplace:

  • Set aside a time to pray before each meeting.
  • Ask your team to constantly beg the question “Does this align with God’s heart?” and encourage them to have the bravery to say something when it does not.
  • Pray specifically for each member of your team.
  • Seek God’s will for your ministry, and lay down your own will.
  • Remember to show grace and mercy when needed.


2. Don't forget your physical health

Your physical health is key to the vitality of your family and ministry. God has given each of his children bodies to take care of and cherish, so it is important to take care of those bodies in the best way possible. Physical activity could help each of us as it:

  • Boosts energy to help you to stay alert and productive all throughout your day.
  • Helps manage stress and tension on difficult days.
  • Assists you in sleeping more soundly throughout the night so you wake up rested and ready to tackle the day.
  • Lowers your blood pressure.
  • Helps prevent bone loss leading to osteoporosis.

3. Listen more

As part of the leadership team, there are many ears who listen to what you say. Whether these are people on your team or other church members, your voice gets heard across the board. As you talk often, do you listen as well? Your team and the members of your church may have helpful information to not only propel your ministry to the next level, but they also may have good insight into what is going on around you. Even listening to just one person on your team can open your eyes to new perspectives and help you grow as an individual which is what makes this such an important church leadership resolution.


4. Find accountability

Out of all church leadership resolutions made, this may be the glue that keeps the church leadership resolutions alive. Finding someone who can keep you on track provides you the encouragement to keep running in the right direction and not become lethargic with your church leadership resolutions.


5. Prioritize your own family

1 Timothy 3:2-5 says “Yet an elder needs to be one who is without blame before others. He should be one whose heart is for his wife alone and not another woman. He should be recognized as one who is sensible, and well-behaved, and living a disciplined life. He should be a “spiritual shepherd” who has the gift of teaching, and is known for his hospitality. He cannot be a drunkard, or someone who lashes out at others, or argumentative, or someone who simply craves more money, but instead, recognized by his gentleness. His heart should be set on guiding his household with wisdom and dignity; bringing up his children to worship with devotion and purity. For if he’s unable to properly lead his own household well, how could he properly lead God’s household?”

These verses alone should encourage you to spend the time you need to make your family healthy. Set weekly date nights with your wife or husband. Encourage your kids to dive into scripture and show them how step-by-step. Play games. Go on trips. Make memories as a family so that they not only feel loved, but also see God’s joy radiating out of you.


6. Invest in your team

Putting in the time and investing in your team will help your team feel wanted and needed. If your team members know they are valued, they will not want to look for jobs elsewhere, right? You could:

  • Encourage your team to discover their spiritual gifts with one of many spiritual gift tests online. After they discover their strengths, find new ways to utilize their gifts. It will rejuvenate your team!
  • Have a weekly or monthly potluck where everyone shares something that they are looking forward to in your ministry. There is something about sharing a meal that brings people closer, so setting the stage for this to happen is a strategic move.
  • Start asking your team to submit names for someone who has been extremely helpful and upbeat. If you receive a name, buy that person a coffee or another desired item and tell them how valuable they are.

7. Stay organized

This might go without saying, but getting organized is a great way to start off your 2019 church leadership resolutions. Label all your files, make your computer files more user friendly, purge your desk and office of unnecessary items, and find anywhere in your office that may seem chaotic and simply organize it. Take a day or even a whole week to encourage your team to do the same. It will create space for you to work and space for you to breath as you tackle the new tasks of the new year.


8. Set quarterly goals

By setting quarterly goals, you are able to reexamine whether or not you are running in the right direction. Each time a new quarter presents itself, hold a meeting and make sure everything going on aligns itself with the goals you have set. Does your church have a church vision and mission statement? These quarterly goals should also reflect that vision and mission. Setting quarterly goals and not yearly goals is a strategic move because it allows you to tweak your goals if necessary to meet the needs and demands of the church.


9. Update your church website

Updating your church website may seem like it doesn’t fit in with your church leadership resolutions, but it could be the engine helping all of them come together. On your website, you can have a place where people provide feedback (i.e. helping you listen more), or even a place for people to learn more about the goals you have set and find ways they can help fulfill them. Your website should also be a safe haven for anyone who visits and should provide the most up-to-date information for people to access. It should be easy to navigate and be extremely user friendly. Having a website with all your church’s information helps drive people to your site rather than driving them to constantly pick up the phone and call you with questions they have. Maintaining an updated church website will ultimately save you time and energy while helping out those need it.

If you need help with your church website and want to learn more ways your website can help with your church leadership resolutions, check out Ekklesia360! It can provide you creative and simple solutions to make your website top-notch and user friendly.

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