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​5 Ways to Use Your Free Easter Graphics

Posted by Samantha Decker



It's a well-known fact that many people only attend church on two holidays - Christmas and Easter. In fact, during the Easter season, many churches have twice as many people in attendance as they normally do. While these well-known truths might make pastors a bit sad, remember to also see it as an opportunity to reach those who do not attend church on a regular basis. For this reason, it's super important to pull out all the stops for the "Super Bowl of Church Attendance." This includes using high-quality Easter graphics to help you promote your Easter service to both the regular crowd and to those who probably don't attend church on a regular basis.

One of the best parts about our free Easter graphics is that they are completely editable so that you can customize them to suit your specific needs. With your download, you get three unbranded design options so you can match the look and feel of your church. So go ahead, feel free to use our beautiful and inspiring Easter graphics all over your church website, social media, and even your bulletin and print materials. Here are some great ideas to help you make it happen.




They are Easily Used as Rotator Images

Chances are, you will absolutely love more than one of our free Easter graphics. There is also a pretty good chance that along with promoting your Easter service, you will want to use a graphic to promote your Palm Sunday service, and your Good Friday service. You can easily rotate these downloadable graphics on your church website. Remember, if you need to edit these graphics to be square or a wider rectangle, you can easily edit them in your favorite photo editing software.


They are Easy to Use on Facebook and Other Social Media

Because you are a tech-savvy church communicator who knows that using social media is a great way to promote church events and special services, you will be glad to know that our free Easter graphics will work great on Facebook and other social media. When using Facebook to promote your Easter services, one way to do it is to create an event that makes it easy for the regular church attendees to invite their friends and family. Our Easter graphics can be easily posted on the event page.

Besides Facebook, our graphics are specifically designed for Twitter and Instagram. Some fun ways to incorporate our Easter images into your social media include using any one of our graphics as your profile picture and turning our Easter graphics into shareable memes. There's also a verse for each holiday that matches the images, too. Feel free to spread these around to encourage your community. No matter how you use them or which social media platform you use them on, don't forget to add a hashtag or two!


Add the Time and Location of Your Services

One type of file our graphics come in is a Photoshop Document (.psd), which makes them super easy to edit. This allows you to include the time and location of your services directly on our Easter graphics. If you want to, you can even add your church logo to the graphics. This allows you to brand it so that it's your own. Need to change a color? No problem! We recommend that you don't go crazy—we have great designers, and we love the graphics they came up with. But we've given you the files in an editable format so you can make them your own.


Use Them In Your Bulletin

Our free Easter graphics aren't just meant to be used on your website and social media - they can even be included in the church bulletin. Whether your bulletin gets distributed electronically, by hand, or both, our attention-grabbing graphics are perfect for promoting your upcoming Easter services.


Use Them In All Your Print Material

No matter what kind of print material you're using to promote your church's Easter services, our free Easter graphics will work. Whether you intend to send out invitations, use flyers, or mail out postcards, our beautiful graphics will enhance all your promotional materials. One major benefit of using our downloadable graphics is that you won't have to worry about making any print mistakes!


And Don't Forget About Your Free Devotional!

Along with your download, you will receive an 8-day devotional. This devotional will encourage you to pray and reflect on the true meaning of Easter. Your download includes three design options that matches your free Easter Graphics. We hope that this downloadable kit will help you and your family draw closer to our savior this Easter season.

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