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Ask a Church Communicator: Part 2

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As promised, our sit downs with church communicators continue! I hope you enjoy this second sit down as much as you enjoyed the first!

 Have you ever wished you could sit down with another church communicator and just ask them about their day? What tools do they use, what struggles do they face, how do they keep inspiration fresh?

If this is you, then I think you'll enjoy our newest mini-series coming right here to the blog. We've sat down with several church communicators to do just this: ask them about their role, their job, and their impact. Each week we will share another interview with you.

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this sit down with a fellow church communicator.

Meet Branden, Associate Pastor at Living Church!

Living Church

Branden is the Associate Pastor at Living Church in Mansfield, TX. Like many of you, he wears multiple hats and doesn't have the title of "Communications Director", and yet he finds himself working in communications aspects often.

At Living Church, their mission is to show the love of Jesus to people who know Him and don't know Him. Know matter who you are, they work to show people that Jesus knows you and loves you, and so do they.

Here's an insight into how Branden uses his role to carry out this mission.


The Sit Down

Ekklesia 360: What’s your favorite part about working in church communications?

Branden: I believe wholeheartedly in the local church and so I love to get people connected to what the church is doing and how they can be involved in it.


Ekklesia 360: What’s your biggest challenge as a church communicator?

Branden: Getting accurate information out in a timely manner that all manners of people can access and understand.


Ekklesia 360: What’s your favorite online tool that you use in your day-to-day?

Branden: Ekklesia 360 of course! I am also a huge fan of Planning Center Services.


Ekklesia 360: What is your process for updating/maintaining your church website?

Branden: I have weekly meetings with our Executive Pastor where we discuss needs and I set aside time each day to maintain and update our site.


Ekklesia 360: Do you hear any pushback from your members about online giving?

Branden: Not at all. We have online giving and text to give and our people love it!


Ekklesia 360: How does your ChMS help your staff?

Branden: We are all able to stay informed and on the same page about events, ministries, and initiatives.


Ekklesia 360: What type of goals do you have for your church this year?

Branden: We are launching a giving campaign so we are hoping to start that off strong and we are working to come up with solutions to facilitate the growth we have been seeing. 


Ekklesia 360: Is there any additional training or resource you wish you had?

Branden: I would love more information on the basics of web design


Ekklesia 360: What advice do you have for a new church communicator?

Branden: Stay connected to your pastoral team and make sure that you are attentive to what they are needing and wanting to communicate. Do your best to be a team player and know that the work you are doing has an eternal impact. 


Ekklesia 360: What impact are you hoping to have on your church?

BrandenI am hoping to make disciples through keeping our people well connected and informed. 


The Take Away

Now that you've heard from Rachel last week and Branden this week, hopefully you are feeling inspired, encouraged, and ready to continue the work that's been set before you.

If you're looking for even more information on how to survive the crazy world of church communications, check out our church communicator's survival guide here.

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