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Which Online Giving Platform Is Right For Your Church? e360 Giving, PushPay, SecureGive, Tithe.ly or PayPal?

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The new year brings a lot of new beginnings. New resolutions, new schedules, new workout program, perhaps a new content calendar––and, here at Ekklesia 360, new products for our ministry partners!

We’re always working to make innovations that truly help churches grow and spread the Good News. Like we’ve talked about, tithes and gifts are an essential part of how God works through your church. And by setting up online giving, you can make it simpler and easier for your church family to participate!

e360 Giving is a flexible giving solution that lets your members give from anywhere: their desktop computer, mobile device, a kiosk in the church, or even through text message! Your church family will be able to tithe in the time, place, and situation that is most meaningful and powerful to them.

We know you have many options for online giving tools. So today, we’re taking some of the best features of e360 Giving, and comparing them to the same types of features in four other service providers: PushPay, SecureGive, Tithe.ly, and PayPal.

Note: While we’re sure that all of the other online giving platforms do great work to help churches create a sense of ease and excitement around tithing, this is not an exhaustive list of pros and cons. This list is a simple comparison of the features our clients ask about most often. Of course, you should ask many more questions as you make this decision.


What Is e360 Giving?

Just in case you missed the announcement, we’ll kick off this comparison with a quick summary of e360 Giving, and then move on to talking about how the other 3 platforms compare.

e360 Giving is a flexible solution that allows your members to give from anywhere, including your church website, mobile device, text-to-give or via giving kiosks.

Our versatile giving tools also give your members the option to set up recurring giving. Donors can specify an amount, adjust the frequency themselves, set a specific number of installments, and pledge a donation amount to a specific fund or campaign.

Churches can choose to accept credit, debit and ACH as means of payment. Your office staff and your members can rest assured that your online donations are in a safe and secure environment.

With e360 Giving, your administrative time is cut dramatically with access to hundreds of reports. From your control panel, you can view a variety of custom reports filtered by person, transaction, fund, and date range.

Our pricing is transparent and simple and there’s no setup fee. Click here to see the monthly pricing break down.


Comparing e360 Giving, PushPay, SecureGive, and PayPal

e360 Giving

e360 Giving is a streamlined, easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up solution to the challenge of online giving.

Giving Methods: Web, kiosk, email requests, mobile app, and text-to-give. Recurring giving is available.

Customer Service: Dedicated service and support team, with after-hours emergency access.

Security: Level 1 PCI compliant and fully secure, because e360 handles every step of the process.

Reporting: The reports dashboard offers a variety of reports and a real-time transaction log.

Pricing: No setup fee, monthly fees begin at $10, with processing fees starting at 2.5% +.30 cents per transaction. Text-to-give is an additional $5 per month, and kiosks are $19 per month, per kiosk.

Learn about how to present e360 Giving to your team by downloading our Giving Buyer's Guide Kit. 


PushPay (eChurch Giving)

This online giving option is a safe and secure choice for churches, and it’s great to see more ministry-focused technology working to help your communities. It does focus on a mobile app, however, which is something to keep in mind as you consider in your particular church.

Giving Methods: Web, in-church kiosk, mobile, and app. Recurring giving is available.

Customer Service: 24/7, dedicated engagement team, and saved payment information.

Security: Level 1 PCI compliant with passcode protecting the mobile app and a “Freeze My Account” option.

Reporting: A simple, 5-step annual giving statement process

Pricing: Pricing is unique to each customer. They will work with your budget and needs to create a solution.



With graphic customization and a robust list of features, SecureGive is a great option for online giving. Smaller churches may find that they do not yet utilize enough of these features to justify the relatively higher costs and fees compared to other solutions.

Giving Methods: Web, in-church kiosk, mobile, and text giving is available.

Customer Service: Staff training, resources, and 24/7 technology support.

Security: PCI compliant and SSL certificate for additional security.

Reporting: In-depth reporting portal available and friendly for multi-site church use.

Pricing: Transaction plan starting at $69 per month and there is a range from 0.5% to 3.95%, plus a setup fee of $199. This plan does not include some features, like text-to-give capability or accepting ACH.



Tithe.ly is a great option for users who don't want to be tied down to a contract. There is no monthly fee or setup cost for their basic mobile giving package, but they do charge 30 cents and 2.9% per transaction. Automatic payments are an included feature in the basic plan, but you will have to upgrade to receive features like text to give and custom branding. 

Giving Methods: Tithely offers a mobile app, text giving, web giving, kiosk giving, and administrative tools.

Customer Service: Live launch support, live chat, library of frequently asked questions

Security: Level 1 PCI Compliant, passcode required for each transaction

Reporting: In-depth reporting is included in Tithe.ly's free plan. Giving history is also easily accessible for members in the mobile app. 

Pricing: No monthly or setup fee for the basic plan. Processing fee of 30 cents and 2.9% per transaction. Premium plans begin at $59 per month and a one-time setup fee of $149.



As a popular transaction service across many industries, PayPal is a good solution for simple, uncustomized transactions if your donors already have accounts. However, it does not support text-to-give donations, which we believe are key parts of a healthy giving  commitment to our churches.

Giving Methods: Web, kiosk, email requests, and mobile app––but no text giving options available. It’s ideal for donors with PayPal accounts, but those without can only make one-time donations before they need to sign up. The PayPal “donation” buttons are very helpful for gathering donor information, but no customization is available to match your online giving platform to your church website.

Customer Service: No dedicated engagement team for your giving.

Security: PCI compliant and 24/7 transaction monitoring for security.

Reporting: Reports dashboard offers a variety of reports and a real-time transaction log.

Pricing: No monthly fee, processing fees start at 2.2% + $0.30.

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