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The 6 Most Helpful Church Communications Resources from the Ekklesia 360 Library

Posted by Samantha Decker



Here at Ekklesia 360, we’re always working to help church communicators like you with helpful content. From blog posts to eBooks to case studies, and beyond (sometimes around the office we talk about making videos or infographics––leave a comment and let us know what you’re interested in!), we are always trying to be helpful, useful––and sometimes funny.

More importantly, we hope our work enables you and your church to serve and grow. When we talk about being your “ministry partners,” it’s not just something we have written on the wall or plastered on our website. We really mean it. 

We’ve built a wide variety of resources to answer a spectrum of questions churches ask us. All of our downloads are available in one easy place: on our resources page. I want to take a minute and highlight 6 of my favorites. Hopefully, your church doesn’t have these troubles, but just in case, :) here’s some church communications resources you can use right away.

Our hope is that these resources can fuel your church mission and bring you and the rest of your staff and volunteers more unity as you pursue your church's strategic goals.

1. If you are new to graphic design...

If you're a church communicator and didn't major in graphic design,Graphic-Design-Kit you might feel a little lost designing and creating graphics for your church.

We created the Church Graphic Design Kit for people like you. Learn how to choose colors and images to create the best looking materials possible. We help you choose the best free resources and help you explore the best paid graphic design resources. We even threw in a few free templates and icons as a bonus.


2.  If you're wondering where your church stands among other churches...church-comm-stats

As a church communicator, it can be difficult to gauge your success against other churches. As a result, it can be difficult to tell if you're "keeping up" with new technology and trends. We created The State of the Church Online 2018 to help you know what's happening in the church communications world – from best practices to new tools and trends. 

We have compiled data from 780 churches of all sizes and denominations providing feedback and insight into their communication strategies, challenges, priorities, analytics and more. We hope that this resource will help your church set goals and gain insights into new strategies. Download the State of the Church Online 2018 to learn what's happening in your industry.


3. If you're looking for a new online giving platform...

We all know how valuable an online giving tool can be for your church. e360-givingOnline giving presents so many opportunities for more consistent giving. Whether you're new to online giving or looking to switch to a new platform, e360's Giving Buyer's Guide can help you make the switch as easy as possible.

Our kit includes a guide to answer all your questions about online giving, a 10-step strategy to make the switch, and a customizable presentation for you to present to your team. 


4. It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day...






As a church communicator, sometimes you can feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions with your efforts (and budget) stretched far, far too thin. Your church communications workload is overwhelming––it’s hard to focus on your church’s mission when you’re on the verge of breaking! How can you regain some of your time and energy to focus on your true job––following through with your calling?

It’s our hope that with our eBook, The Church Communicator’s Survival Guide: 7 Tools to Use Every Day, you’ll be able to leverage some and save yourself hours every week. It’s designed to help you manage your projects, content calendar, and communicate about online tasks with your team members in an efficient way.


5. If you don’t know how to handle the mobile revolution...

bluebridge-landing-content.jpgYou may have heard that mobile devices are growing in prominence with all online engagement. You may have even noticed it among your own congregation––after all, 90% of church-goers say that mobile technology has a place in the church now!

This movement has grown since smartphones have grown in popularity, but adding mobile technology to the already complex equation can get confusing. That’s why we’ve developed the eBook, Mobile Technology and the Church, to help you form a mobile strategy. It doesn’t have to be confusing, and we hope our eBook can show you that.


6. If your website is out-of-whack...

Ekk-back-on-track-cover.pngThere may have come a day where you realize that your website has gotten outrageously messy, difficult to follow, or very outdated. It all happened so slowly and over such a long period of time that you’re not even sure where things turned sour, let alone how to approach a solution.

If that sounds like you, you’re probably interested in our eBook, Getting Your Church Website Back on Track.

We made it especially for churches like yours, and it’ll help you identify how your website got so messy, how to talk about this with the rest of your team, and walk you through a solution in five steps. We tried to make this resource as easy-to-follow as possible––we hope you find it helpful!

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