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5 Ideas for Your Free Advent Graphics

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Luke 2:11

"Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord."

One of the most celebrated holidays in the entire world is Christmas, a time when Christians come together with one another and their families to celebrate the birth of the Savior. But before Christmas comes Advent – an exciting time of great expectation.

To help you prepare for this year's Advent season, we have created these two exciting free downloads for you to use:

  • Our free and completely editable Advent, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Graphics
  • Our brand new "Born is the King" Advent Devotional Guide


Our "Born Is the King" Advent Devotional Guide

Our brand new "Born Is the King" Advent Devotional Guide is a great way to pause in the midst of the hustle and the bustle that usually comes along with the Christmas season and celebrate the Savior. It's a chance to focus your attention on the real reason for the season - celebrating the birth of King Jesus!

2017 Advent Guide Spread.png

Not only is our devotional guide easy to use, it is absolutely free and completely editable, so that you can customize it for your church. Each week, the devotional covers a specific aspect of the Advent season. For example, Week One focuses on hope. The guide can be used to read on your own, in a group setting, or with your family.

The Devotional Guide includes four different sections:
  • Read
  • Understand
  • Respond
  • Family Time

Within these four sections, there are questions for discussion, a prayer that ties in with the topic of the week, and a suggestion on how to incorporate quality family time as you celebrate each week of Advent. Other weeks focus on the topics of peace, joy, and love.

One thing we love about our devotional guide is that it is completely user-friendly. For example, since the size is 8x11, it is easy to print. The devotional comes in different file formats, including a PDF, so that you can make it available on your church website too.

While we're excited about our new Advent Devotional Guide, we also want to help you find ways to use our free Advent Graphics. Here are 5 great ideas of ways to use these inspiring graphics.


Social Media

5-ideas-for-your-free-advent-graphics-1.jpgThere's no way around it, these days, you simply need to promote your special church services and events on social media. So it's a really good thing that our free, and sharable Advent graphics are superb for posting on social media.

You can even customize them to include the name of your church, service times, and any other information you feel is pertinent. Besides posting graphics to Instagram and Twitter, you can also create a Facebook Event using one of the graphics as your event photo.

Some other fun ways to incorporate our free Advent graphics include:

  • Use them as your profile picture or cover photo
  • Turn them into likeable and shareable social images
  • Use them in your feed to encourage your online community

As you're using them on social media, don't forget to create a hashtag or two to go along with your graphic!


Homepage Rotators


Homepage image rotators are great because it offers a way to have more than one image on your church website without making it look too convoluted. By adding animation, homepage rotators helps to make your website look and feel alive. So along with using our free Advent graphics on all your social media platforms, you'll definitely want to use them on your church website as a homepage rotator.



5-ideas-for-your-free-advent-graphics-3.jpgBecause our Advent graphics are super easy to edit, you can use them to promote all your upcoming Christmas events and special services. Simply add the date, time, and location of your event directly to the graphic. As a way to customize it to fit your brand, you can even include your church logo.

If you want to use them for more than just your Christmas events, go ahead and use the graphics to promote your small groups and fundraising events as well. This will help your church family to have a shared sense of community, something that is always cherished this time of the year.


Sermon Graphics

Using sermon slides is a great way to help keep the attention of the congregation, plus it helps make following the message a little bit easier, especially for the note-takers in the bunch.

When using sermon slides, you need to make them visually engaging, plus you want to match the design to the message. For both of these reasons, our Advent graphics are perfect for those messages leading up to Christmas.


Christmas Cards


To some, mailing out Christmas cards is a dying tradition. Many people, however, including churches, still send them out. Why? Well, not everyone lives on social media, and besides that, opening an actual Christmas card helps us to maintain a personal connection to the sender.

If your church still finds value in sending out Christmas cards, why not add one of the hand-painted graphics to the front of your card? Doing so will provide a personal touch and make it stand out from other churches in the area.

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