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Celebrate This Easter Season with a Free Easter Devotional and Graphics

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There are many reasons to get excited about the coming of spring. Warmer weather. New life. Open windows. The season is an especially exciting time for Christians, because with spring comes one of the most amazing holidays of the year - Easter! This awe-inspiring, basket-giving, pastel-colored, church-going day represents the birth of the Christian faith. Without the resurrection of Jesus, Christianity simply would not have come into being.

And we are just as excited as you are about celebrating the upcoming Easter season. To help you celebrate this monumental holiday, we created an 8-day devotional that focuses on the days in Jerusalem leading up to the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

With your download, you will get three different unbranded design options. Choose the design that best reflects your church and use the devotional as a ministry tool for your congregation.


Along with your devotional, you will get a free set of Easter graphics. The set includes three different design options, which match the design options of the devotional. We hope that these giveaways help lighten your workload and help your church prepare for Easter.

It's true that Easter is the most attended Sunday of the year, but Easter is much more than just going to church. For this reason, we want to help you celebrate this Easter season with a deeper understanding of the holiday. The main purpose of our devotional, "An Easter Journey: An Eight Day Devotional Guide," is to help you make prayer a priority and serve as a way to spend time reflecting on the true meaning of Easter. We have also incorporated some creative ways to help you spend some quality time with your family.

How This Devotional Can Help You

Our brand new Easter Devotional Guide is a great way to take a moment in the midst of all the commercialism that usually comes along with the Easter season and ponder the historical events that took place leading up to the death and resurrection of our Savior. This devotional offers a chance to focus your attention on what really matters and why we celebrate Easter (and it has nothing to do with a bunny!)

This devotional will:

  • Help you to realize that Easter is a time for reflection and celebration
  • Walk you through the Holy Week with scripture at the forefront
  • Allow you to make it a group effort so that you can use this devotional in your small group or with your family

We hope it will also help you to better understand the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus and why for us as Christians, this one single event in history is central to our faith.

What This Devotional Includes:

This devotional guide includes five different sections which include: Read, Understand, Respond, Prayer, and Family Time. Within these five sections, each day includes scripture to read, a description that helps you to understand the scripture, questions for discussion, a prayer, and creative suggestions for how to reflect or act on this with your family. The eight days of the devotional focuses on the following major events that took place during one of the holiest weeks in history:

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.25.53 PM
  • Day 1: The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
  • Day 2: Jesus’ Anointing and the Last Supper with the disciples
  • Day 3: Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Day 4: The Betrayal and Arrest
  • Day 5: Peter’s Denial of his belief in Jesus
  • Day 6: The crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross
  • Day 7: Jesus’ Death and Burial
  • Day 8: Jesus’ triumphant resurrection

Besides knowing what a blessing our Easter Devotional is going to be to you, another thing we love about this guide is that it is completely user-friendly. The study is in an 8x11 format, which makes it super easy to print so that you have a hard copy to read and study, and hand out to your congregation. The devotional also comes in different file formats, including a PDF, so that you can make it available on your church website.

And Don’t Forget About Your Free Easter Graphics 


In order to make this season easier for you, we are also giving away a free set of Easter graphics. Use these graphics to promote programs and services for your church. Choose from three different designs to match your brand. We have provided sizes custom for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your website. They are also all editable so you can customize for your church. Our hope is that these free downloads will help you focus on the most meaningful aspects of Easter.


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