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How One Church’s Successful Strategy Increased Views by 41%

Posted by Ekklesia 360 Team


A strategic church website goes beyond plopping copy onto a page, trying to keep up with the latest trend, and/or trying to follow what the church down the street is doing. A strategic church website takes time to set and understand website goals, target audiences, and desired next steps so that you can actually further your church’s mission online.

High Desert Church took the time to do just that.

High Desert HomepageIf you were to look at High Desert Church’s site before their update, you would probably notice that the site’s navigation was out-dated and hard to navigate. Not only that, but site visitors were often confused about how each of their four campuses has consistent teaching and events, but also how each campus identifies with its specific community. They knew they needed to make some changes on their site.

In order to solve these concerns, High Desert Church partnered with Ekklesia 360’s strategy, design, and development teams. Through this partnership, Ekklesia 360 was able to create a site with clear campus options where site visitors can actually set their campus to select a home campus automatically.


High Desert Case Study 2-2

Because they were strategic with their church website strategy and intentional in the way they implemented changes, High Desert has already seen amazing results! In fact, High Desert’s new site saw a 41% increase of views of the “I’m New” and “Campus Detail” pages. This is huge.

Aaron Ullah, High Desert’ Communications Director explains, “The strategy project was tremendously helpful for me and was unlike anything I had seen with any other company that we researched. Not only were the strategic plans helpful, but you guys had the right template and features to execute the strategy.”


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