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Customer Spotlight: Crossroads Church, Denver

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Meet Crossroads Church, Denver

With a new senior pastor and a newly minted ministry strategy, our friends at Crossroads Church in Denver, CO were ready to freshen up their web presence with a new look and new solutions for getting their church engaged with ministry. Crossroads Communications Director Michele Gerbrandt gave us a call at Ekklesia 360 to see how we could help them achieve their goals.


The ministry team at Crossroads had done such detailed strategy work that they had a very clear picture of their target visitor — the age, the stage of life, and even what this person might make financially in a given year. It gave them a laser focus on what they would need when it came to ministry.

But what did that need to look like in their online presence, especially with the tools & layouts available to them through Ekklesia 360? And how could they use those tools to make it clear to visitors the location of their three campuses?


Here are the big take-aways:

  • Needed a visually compelling way to display their three campuses and invite visitors into the life of the church.
  • Moving to more global content, with specifics on small groups and serving.

crossroads 1


Here are some highlights:

  • Homepage that features faces and offers clear user pathways for visitors, attendees, and members.
  • An easy-to-navigate visitor landing page.
  • Group Finder and Volunteer Layouts to increase engagement with their members and attendees.

crossroads 2

Check it out for yourself!



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