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[New e360 Theme] Announcing: WESLEY

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At Ekklesia 360, our mission is to help your church succeed and thrive online, and our vast portfolio of church website themes does just that. Our web designers have created a new mobile-responsive design with brand new layouts and functionality that will make your website shine on desktop and mobile devices. Today, we're pleased to introduce to you, The Wesley Theme.

New Church Hub Layout

Wesley is our first theme to introduce the new church member hub layout! This stylish new layout provides a complete one-stop resource for those familiar with your church to find exactly what they’re looking for. Keep your weekly news, announcements, sermon replays, and more in a single, organized page.

Next Level Mobile Experience

With most of your audience likely using their mobile devices to browse your fabulous website, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial to the user experience. However, Ekklesia 360 is about to turn the mobile experience up to 11 with progressive web app functionality. That’s a fancy term for saying your website will have the look and feel of a mobile app right within your mobile browser. This functionality is almost ready and will be available in the coming weeks.

An Interactive Sermon Experience

Select a sermon to highlight with the Featured Sermon card that lets you add a link for more details and an easy share button for viewers to share across their own social media channels with others.

Next Steps Section

Help your new visitors understand how they can get connected with your church through the Next Steps section. Drive engagement by adding your own icon, title, and subtitle. Each step uses an alternating color to give the section a cohesive look with the rest of the site.


Showcase your events through a carousel style slider with cards for each event, or through an event list that gives a broader look at events happening around your church.

Premium Layouts

The Wesley theme feature some premium layouts and features that are also available for purchase, such as the latest Groupfinder layout, Groupfinder #3.


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