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6 Real Tailored Church Websites for Inspiration

Posted by Samantha Decker



There are several gorgeous and extremely functional church website themes and templates out there. And it's not too terribly hard to pick a theme, edit the colors, change the images, and then boom—you have a beautiful new church website!

Well, that's the idea.

While templates and themes may work great for many churches, we know that there are some drawbacks to being confined to a template.

When it comes to templates, you're constrained to only the format and design it offers.

So what do you do when you want to move a certain box, image space, or rearange some of the columns? Usually, you just can't.

But, with Ekklesia 360 it is possible to take a theme and make certain changes—we call this tailoring.

Below, you'll find awesome examples of churches that started with a website theme they loved, and adjusted it to suit their needs. Check them out!


The Crossing | Washington Crossing UMC

Theme we started with: Wilberforce

This was a great redesign for an existing Ekklesia 360 customer. They blended traditional and contemporary design elements. Their new website is beautiful, and you should definitely check it out!




East Cooper Baptist Church

Theme we started with: Augustine

The East Cooper Baptist Church website makes great use of welcoming videos and event images. Their church building looks super cool, too—it certainly makes me want to visit!




Hickory Grove Christian School

Theme we started with: Spurgeon

Hickory Grove Christian School gave us a fun project for their website. While they didn't need every detail of the Spurgeon theme, we helped them customize some elements to make it completely their own.





Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and School

Theme we started with: Polycarp

This church website is colorful, without being overwhelming. It's a traditional site with some extra flare. They had a great idea for a unique navigation menu item titled, "How Do I..."




Shelter Rock Church

Theme we started with: L’Engle

We really like how Shelter Rock makes creative use of a large photograph in the background of their website. But what we like about it even more is that the photograph is black and white so that it doesn't interfere with the color they use in their rotating images. By scrolling down, users will be able to see the photo in its entirety. As visitors keep scrolling, they will find more good use of images that complement the content.



First West

Theme we started with: Wycliff

We created a custom campus menu (located at the top of the site) and a custom campus page to pair with their Ekklesia 360 theme. The key information is presented in an interesting way, and there were able to use photography to help create an inviting environment. I feel like I get a glimpse of what it is like at First West just from the homepage. One of the great things about First West is their use of video. Each menu item also has a welcome from church leaders, which makes even the menus personable and inviting.



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