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[New e360 Theme] Announcing TRUTH

Posted by Joanna Gray


Theme Launch Truth.jpg 

At Ekklesia 360, we are here to help your church succeed and thrive online. We are always at work for you -- designing, brainstorming, iterating, developing, and now releasing to you all the newest features. 

Our latest e360 Theme is named after Sojourner Truth. A famous and profound Christian thinker and abolitionist, Truth reminds us that, "Religion without humanity is very poor human stuff." Her work and writings speak to the truth about the humanity of all people regardless of gender or color. Truth was on the forefront of many issues that are still with us today and inspiring love and work in many churches.  

Read about our highlighted features below to learn how this new e360 Theme can help your church website grow and thrive.

“Let others say what they will of the efficacy of prayer, I believe in it, and I shall pray. Thank God! Yes, I shall always pray.”  Like Sojourner Truth, herself, we pray this theme will help your church in your worship and work. 

Countdown Timer 

truth church website event countdown.png

This feature is a common "upsell" request and we've built it right into this Theme. The upcoming Events count down timer can be used to highlight your next big event. Build excitement as you think about VBS, Easter, Fall Kick Off, Volunteer Appreciation, your weekly gatherings, or anything else you'd like. Keep excitement high and keep the styling and functionality strong. 

Highlight GIVING Directly in Your Navigation Menu 

You probably already noticed it in the first screen shot, but we've made it easy and good looking to highlight your Giving pages and sections. 

Giving and generosity are important aspects of your church. With this e360 Theme, we want to give you the ability to highlight online giving -- and we want to make it easy. Sometimes it's awkward to talk about money at church. The smoother we can make the technical process, the more you can focus on the "why" and tell the stories of the ministries you support. The Setup Guide is already ready for you, too. Click here to learn how to set up your highlighted Giving link.  

Map and Image Hover Effect 

This feature's just cool! Not only can you include a map of where your church is, you can even include a photo so people will know what your church looks like. Help visitors feel welcome as they approach your building and recognize the area. 

Make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the first step and come meet you. 

Next Steps Section

Help your visitors (and all of your congregation!) move into deeper levels of engagement with your church by showcasing how they can get involved. If you make it clear and easy, people are more likely to click and learn more. If they know what the opportunities are, they are more likely to join, sign up or otherwise support the work of your ministries. At Ekklesia 360, we make it easy for you to make it easy for your church. 

Wanna see it in action? We love what West Covina did with Truth. Expecially that featured image in the menu! It looks so great.

TRUTH west covina.png


All New e360 Themes Now Come with Font and Color Picker 

You asked for it, and we're happy to release it. Starting with theme Whitby (and of course, TRUTH too), we've updated our Color Picker feature to include a FONT picker! If you're logged in to your site as an admin, you can activate Easy Edit mode and use all the features of the updated Font and Color Picker menu.

Our designers have set up combinations of header and text settings that will keep your website looking great. But also give you options! Start a Demo today and give it a try.  

Just imagine what your church can do with an e360 Theme like Truth. Or any of our 17 others.  

With e360 Themes like TRUTH, we take care of the details so you can take care of your community. 

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