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The Top Church Websites of 2017

Posted by Samantha Decker



There’s something about taking time to reflect and look back that always give me feelings of accomplishment and excitement about completed projects and checked off to-do lists. It’s easy to get so caught up in what’s next, that we don’t take time to celebrate what all has been done!

And, 2017 is definitely worth celebrating. It was a year for the books! We saw churches use creativity and passion to create sites that represent their ministries. We also saw some great redesigns, upgrades, and tweaks that made huge impacts on their online reach.

While it’s hard to narrow this list down, here are a few of our favorite website projects from 2017!

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Victory Church

Why we love it:

Victory Church added custom next steps and an I'm New page that helps visitors know what time services are, why people even come to church, what to expect, and what a service looks like!



Jacob's Well Church

Why we love it:

Jacob’s well took some time to integrate their site with their church management system (CCB) for events & groups. This makes things seamless for their administrators making sure that every person who joins a group is followed up with, and it makes it seamless for visitors trying to find a group or an event for the first time.



Indian Hills Camp

Why we love it:

Indian Hills Camp used our “Ministry Template” for their different camps. This allowed them to list details, have teacher pictures and staff information, as well as event calendars all on one well-designed page.



Southeast Christian

Why we love it:

Southeast Christian church put the Special Events Layout to good use for their Christmas service. This page give details about their Christmas events, provides information for kids and parking, and even lets you download a printable invitation to invite a friend to come to a Christmas service!


Ridgewood Church

Why we love it:

Ridgewood has a clean, user-friendly site that we love, but they also have an amazing twitter feed that is featured right on their homepage. This feature promotes their latest tweet and encourages people to stay informed.



Redemption Church

Why we love it:

Redemption church is a great example of a multi-campus site. Right from the top of their homepage they show their locations, provide contact information, and help visitors know which campus they should visit.


Quail Springs Baptist Church

Why we love it:

Quail Springs Baptist Church wanted to make it easy for visitors to find a worship service and small group right from the homepage so they created a 2-step chart making it easy! They also created a custom next steps page spurring people on to action no matter if they’re visitors or long-time members.



Cornerstone Fellowship

Why we love it:

Cornerstone is another church that did an amazing job at promoting their Christmas services. They built out a section on their homepage that links to a page detailing out service options at their different campuses.


Concord Dallas

Why we love it:

Concord Dallas is a custom site that uses the ministry template for their ministry pages and they built in a FellowshipOne Account Login so members can login right on the homepage. This makes giving and event registration much easier!




Why we love it:

Milestone Church uses bold images and sections to help visitors navigate their site and take next steps. They’ve also done a great job at incorporating powerful photography and video on their site. Not only that, but their stories section on the homepage and their stories page help people connect more with what their church’s purpose.



Hope Church Online

Why we love it:

Hope Church stayed on brand throughout the entire site with a consistent style applied to all of their images. They also have a Next Steps page that serves as a great place to help onboard people into deeper levels of engagement with the church. Finally, they were also able to use the site for their capital campaign!



Green Bay Community Church

Why we love it:

Green Bay Community does an amazing job of approaching giving. Not only are they encouraging people to make a giving a part of their worship, they are also making tangible requests that people can see on their giving page.


First United Methodist Church of San Diego

Why we love it:

FUMCSD does a great job of sharing with current members what's happening in the life of the church by including Stories, News, and Events. They also have both their recent sermons and Bible studies front and center on their homepage making it all easy to find!



First Baptist Church Grove City

Why we love it:

FBC Grove City was able to organize their ministry pages using the ministry template. This helps parents easily access all the information they need for their kids without having to go several different places.


Jersey Church

Why we love it:

Jersey Church incorporated a visitor fly out on their homepage that highlights special events and announcements like their Christmas services. This makes important events easy to find right from the start!

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