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Why Your Church Needs a Mobile App

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We don’t have to tell you that people are attached to their smartphones. You probably already know that; you may even be reading this from yours. Depending on the source, Americans spend anywhere from 3-7 hours per day on their phones, and they pick up their phone more than 50 times per day.  

So, what does this mean for churches? It means that technology is being even more integrated into our church life. Even on Sundays, you’ll see the majority of people reading their Bible from their phone.  

Since it would be an anomaly for somebody in your congregation to not have a smartphone, utilizing a mobile app for your church is a great idea. It can help engage attendees and even grow your church. It provides easy access to information from anywhere the user is.  

Here are five reasons why your church needs a mobile app: 

Provide updates on church events.

With a church app, keep your members informed on any upcoming events taking place. You can also provide event registration straight from their smartphone, where they can easily register and pay for events. Make an announcement on Sunday, have attendees pull out their phones, and they can sign up right from their seat.  

Experience growth in generosity.

Online giving can be easier than ever when done through your church’s mobile app. Donors can set up one-time and recurring payments directly from their phone. Through the app, they can also designate which campaign or fund they want to contribute to. When people have easy access to give, without having to remember their checkbook or cash, giving often increases.  

Supply immediate access to sermons and content.

Provide sermons, videos, and other media all at your members’ fingertips. If they miss a Sunday, no problem! They can access the message straight from the app. You can continue to serve those who are unable to attend in person with live streaming services. Help your congregation grow spiritually with instant access to your messages and videos. 

Keep your congregation connected.

Increasing engagement is easier with a church mobile app. It is the one place to allow members to connect, sign up, and pay for events or classes. Encourage them to register for small groups or other ministries where they can get further plugged in. They don’t have to search through a website or log on to a computer; the app allows members to connect with their church community immediately 

Present church updates with push notifications.

Because of COVID, churches experienced the necessity of communicating quickly to their members. Through push notifications and in-app messaging, your updates won’t get lost in email inboxes or social media feeds. Share alerts instantly or schedule a message in advance. Remind your congregation about an upcoming event or disclose the latest news. Notifications through the mobile app help keep your church informed. 


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People use apps on their smartphones every day, usually for hours on end. Why not provide biblical content and connect your community through your church app? With Ekklesia360’s mobile app integration through MinistryOne, you can engage your members, equip your churchand help them grow. 

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