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How to Use Integrated Church Software to Further Your Ministry

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Church software should make ministry life easier. As a leader in the church, you want to spend more time building relationships and helping others grow closer to Christ. You don’t want the majority of your hours to be consumed by administrative tasks.

With a church software program that plays well with other software, you save time and money. Not to mention the hassle that is eliminated. Because Ekklesia360 works with numerous churches that utilize software to accomplish what they need, we understand how important it is for these programs to align.

Below you’ll see the various types of software that integrate within the e360 family. From online giving to ChMS to church apps and more, discover how unified church software can help your church.



If you want a website with features built for ministry, Ekklesia360 has got you covered! Our user-friendly CMS and front-end editing make updating your site simple. We also include SEO best practices so people can discover your church website online.

Check out some of the great aspects included with your church site:


The e360 sermons module allows you to easily post your sermon, including audio, visual, artwork, and notes on your website. Spread the word via Facebook and Twitter. Search by sermon series, categories, groups, and speakers.


Blogs are a great tool to communicate and connect with your audience. Reply to comments and engage with your church community. Creating new blogs updates your site and helps with search rankings.

Event Management

Create an unlimited number of events and add them to your website. People can view events, register, and pay if there is a cost.

Multisite Logic

Our websites are built to easily handle multisite churches. They can include campus location selectors, campus-specific content, and individual campus landing pages with consistent branding across campuses.


E360 Giving

Make giving easy for your congregation. Because every donor is different, you should have multiple giving options to fit their preferences. The best part? No contracts and no setup costs. With easy reporting, you can track giving data and identify slumps and trends.

Online Giving

Make giving available beyond a Sunday morning. Collect donations through your website or anywhere you share the link. Donors can make a one-time donation, set up recurring giving, or give without an account.

Text Giving

Give your community the option to donate from anywhere. With text-to-give, you’ll get a unique 10-digit phone number. Donors can quickly give any amount to specific campaigns or general funds.

Kiosk Giving

Our full kiosk solution is available to allow people to give via credit or debit card or sign up for events.


E360 ChMS  

More than a church database, it enables you to engage and manage your church community. It frees up your team and helps with organization. e360 ChMS lets you link people into families, groups, ages, life stage, location, etc. It is also easily integrated with e360 Giving to manage giving accounts and track donations.

Interact with Your People

With interaction tracking, you can easily know when you were last in touch with any member. By using interaction assignments, you can involve pastors, small group leaders, and members in the ministry process.

Manage Your Congregation

Stop worrying about your membership information—e360 ChMS smoothly organizes your members and visitors by their commonalities and makes it easy to look up people and their details. You can even set up a public directory for members!

Mass Communication

Send emails, voice messages, or text messages to the entire church or specific segments. Use any specification to build your group lists and send messages in real-time or schedule your communications in advance for delivery later.

Volunteer Scheduling

Our smart approach takes the stress out of volunteer scheduling. You can send schedule requests, follow-up reminders, and general information to volunteers.


Create Ministry Workflows

Craft and automate different processes using triggers and actions. Rather than repeating the same process for new visitors or membership tracks, set up workflows to automate the work for you.



Encourage people to stay engaged any day of the week no matter where they are. The MinistryOne church app connects you to your people. Customize the app to match your church brand with color palette, logo, and branding. Powerful features include:


Allow donors to give anytime from anywhere. They can set up one-time or recurring giving from the app.


Effortlessly provide all your sermons, video, and other media in one place. Keep your community engaged through your content, live streaming, and on-demand sermon replays.


Easily showcase upcoming events and allow people to register and pay directly on the app.

Prayer Requests

Prayer is a crucial part of church life. Create a place for people to submit prayer requests.

Push Notifications

Use push notifications and in-app messaging to update your community. Send alerts instantly or schedule your message in advance.


Smart Software Integrations to Move Your Ministry Forward

Ekklesia360 is here to help your church expand its reach and accomplish your goals. If you’re looking for a system that works cohesively and allows you to connect, grow, and engage with your people, look no further! Try e360 for free today or contact us for more information about our integrations!

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