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[New e360 Theme] Announcing TUBMAN, a new e360 Theme

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At Ekklesia 360, we are here to help your church succeed and thrive online. And we're always trying to have new things to offer you. Today, we're so pleased to roll out a new church website theme. 

Our latest e360 Theme is named after Harriet Tubman. She barely needs introduction, but just to jog your memory, she was a famous Christian abolitionist, who was born into slavery and escaped and led many missions to help more people escape, too. Read more on Wikipedia here. To read a bit specifically about the inspiration of the watery "T" logo we made for this e360 Theme's demo site, click here.

Read about our highlighted features below to learn how this new e360 Theme can help your church.

If you're ready to take a look right away, check out the preview here. We think it looks great, and have some really cool features that you and your community will love! This theme has it all. Click thru and scroll around and click on the pages -- it's all live in this demo!

Our team built this with a great and unique meta navigation menu. This menu has a full-scale navigation that pops out and gives you the ability to highlight important links. Making your menu more visible, will help your site visitors find your content

Stay Up on All the Design Trends

mk038-portfolio-imageWe designed this e360 Theme so your photos -- and your community -- can shine and take center stage. TUBMAN will look great in a variety of color palettes, but we designed it for the colors and sections to sort of fall to the background as your content is highlighted. You have color options from the vibrant to the more subdued.

This is an image-driven, minimalistic theme. But we didn't stop with the visuals. We've made this theme easy to use and make some great modification. You can use our snippets editor which makes it easier to add button styles, accordions, and tabbed content. 

"Get Connected" Section

Check out the Get Connected section to see a great new way to share your more important areas of ministry. It's got a great layout 

  1. Quick links on the left
  2. Right side has a gallery that is fanned out with a couple blocks of color and bolder drop shadows. You can click in and out of the gallery without loosing your place on the home page. 

Help your visitors (and all of your congregation!) move into deeper levels of engagement with your church by showcasing how they can get involved. If you make it clear and easy, people are more likely to get involved and want to learn more. If they know what the opportunities are, they are more likely to join, sign up or otherwise support the work of your ministries. At Ekklesia 360, we make it easy for you to make it easy for your church.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 3.36.50 PM

But That's Not All! 

This theme looks great on mobile devices, but it's really useful on mobile, too! Seriously, take a second and go open this link on your phone. You can use the demos in this blog post, or type out mk038.monkpreview.com

It looks sooooo good. Open those menus, scroll thru the home page. 

TUBMAN was designed to give you the ease-of-use you're used to, but also with TONS of flexibility built right in. Our standard layouts are available: Homepage, Subpage Default, and Subpage Fullwidth. Plus some options for blog, events, sermons, and other options. Check out the list here.

AND, If you know anything about Ekklesia 360, you probably know that we SPECIALIZE in churches -- and helping you build great websites. One of the ways we do that is with our Ministry Focused Layouts. Our newest theme, TUBMAN, has examples built right into the demo -- you can see what they look like and imagine how it might work in your church. Here's the full list.

All New e360 Themes Include Font and Color Picker 

It's not really "new" anymore, but we're still really excited about how you can use the updated Font and Color Picker on all our Themes. If you're logged in to your site as an admin, you can activate Easy Edit mode and use all the features of the updated Font and Color Picker menu. It shows up in the Demo too, so you can see it without being logged in to anything. 

Our designers have set up combinations of header and text settings that will keep your website looking great. But also give you options! Start a Demo today and give it a tryJust imagine what your church can do with an e360 Theme like TUBMAN. Or any of the others.  

With e360 Themes like TUBMAN, we take care of the details so you can take care of your community. 

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