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6 Tips for Giving Tuesday

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e360 4 Tips for Giving Tuesday

This time of year, it’s hard to turn on the TV, scroll through your social media feed, or even drive down the road without being inundated with advertisements of things that you “need.” In a season of consumerism, what can you do to help your church focus on meeting needs, generosity, and fulfilling the commandment to love one another (Mark 22:39)? To start, your church can create and implement a church website Giving Tuesday strategy. 

What is Giving Tuesday?

According to this Giving Tuesday website, this is a day designed to encourage people to give back to causes and issues that matter to them with the goal of creating a “massive wave of generosity.”

Giving Tuesday occurs the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which is December 3 this year. You have an exciting opportunity as a church to identify a cause and create a Giving Tuesday strategy that inspires your members to give.

Tips for Creating a Church Giving Tuesday Strategy

As a church communicator, you know the power and the importance of messaging. Before you just choose a cause and try to encourage people to give, here are a few tips for creating a Giving Tuesday strategy that will be effective and meaningful. 

Set Specific, Achievable Goals for Giving Tuesday

Once you’ve identified your Giving Tuesday cause, it’s critical that you set goals. Make sure that these goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (learn more about SMART goals here). For example:

  • We want to give $10,000 as a church
  • We want 50% of donations to come through online or text giving
  • We want to have 10 brand new donors

Create a Timeline for your Giving Tuesday Campaign

Planning is key to a successful Giving Tuesday campaign. No matter when you start, be sure to look at your calendar and set a timeline. What do you want to accomplish 3 weeks out, 2 weeks out, and the week of Giving Tuesday. The more details you can include in this “map” the better. 

Design a Church Website Giving Page

One of the first things on your timeline should be designing a church website giving page. This page should include:

  • Information on Giving Tuesday
  • Specific information about your church’s cause
  • A “Give Now” button that links to your online giving platform
  • Social media sharing links
  • A place for updates and stories of the campaign’s impact

Offer an Incentive for Your Church Giving Tuesday Campaign

Next, consider offering an incentive for people to give. While generosity should be motivation enough, sometimes it’s fun to stir the pot with a little healthy competition and/or rewards. Get your staff involved by having them do funny tasks once certain amounts are given. Take it back to elementary school and pit the guys up against the girls. Offer discounts in your coffee shop to the small group that gives the most. Anything you can do to make this fun will go a long way.

Promote Your Church Giving Tuesday Campaign

Promotion is second-nature to a church communicator, however, the challenge comes in finding ways to promote Giving Tuesday that will stand out from the noise of the season. There’s a lot going on at your church, so here are a few creative and unique ways to try promoting this campaign:

  • Create a video that highlights the cause you are supporting.
  • Make a social media hashtag and use it on all posts related to Giving Tuesday.
  • Brand the campaign in a way that sets it apart from your church branding and holiday campaigns.
  • Don’t neglect word-of-mouth. Encourage small group leaders to contact people directly to get them involved.
  • Utilize push notifications, text messages, and email campaigns.

Focus on the Impact

Finally, shape the way people talk about Giving Tuesday by focusing on the impact. Share stories of specific people that will be affected. Provide real-time updates of what has been given and what is still needed. Make this about more than just a fund to give to at church.

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