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6 Website Design Trends for Your Church in 2022

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What’s trending in the website world? There are plenty of top designs and tactics that web designers are using as we head into a new year. All of that is great, but what are some of the best trends that churches can use? Church website design trends may be similar to other sites but the purpose behind them may be different.

As a church leader, designer, or communicator, you understand there are differences to church websites in comparison to other businesses and organizations. So, just because minimalism might be trending in general, that doesn’t mean it is the best thing for your church website.

We’ve looked at some of the top design trends of 2022. Then we thought about how these specific designs can make a difference for churches. Take a look at the list below of 6 church website design trends to consider.


1. Illustrations

Illustrations, including hand drawings, have been gaining popularity. In 2022, imagine the fun you can add to your page with illustrations, particularly for kids and youth ministries. Hand-drawn images are also great. They add a feeling of originality and bring a lightheartedness to the page.

Drawings can bring a dynamic edge to your church brand and website design. It will help vary the content, so your site isn’t full of only photos and text.

2. Typography

Font trends seem to change annually, but it’s important to think about. You don’t want to use typography that is unreadable or distracting. The goal of getting people to your site is to get them connected so they can grow in their relationship with God and other believers. If they can’t read the font or if it’s more of a distraction, they won’t be able to use your site to get connected.

Some popular fonts for 2022 will be minimalist fonts, bold fonts, and animated typography. Classic serif fonts are making a comeback too, like Times New Roman and Georgia. Don’t forget that things like line-height, letter spacing, and whitespace all play a significant role in readability too.

3. Colors that Comfort

Neon colors have been popular in the last couple of years, and bold colors are still being used. But people are looking for safety and comfort after the last two years of living through a global pandemic. Soft color pallets are going to be trending in 2022. With warm colors, natural greens and browns, and light pinks and baby blues.

When it comes to color, though, think about which comforting ones will align with your church brand. You don’t want to change up the colors so much that people don’t recognize the colors they’ve already been associating with your church.

4. Typography Animations

Another church website design trend to consider in 2022 is the use of animations. Becoming increasingly popular, animations can help engage the people interacting with your site. Typography animations can add movement to your page. This helps draw attention to specific words.

Micro-animations are also trending in the new year. These are small movements when part of your webpage is hovered over with a cursor. It is subtle but fun. People might even stay on your page longer just to find these micro-movements.


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5. Retro/Nostalgia

As the pandemic continues, people are looking for more forms of escapism. Retro and nostalgic web design trends are currently in. They remind people of simpler times. Fonts are retro, images are blurred or grainy, and they have classic filters.

People are looking for relatable experiences, and nostalgia often brings this to fruition. As a church, you can play with these retro and nostalgic encounters to bring a sense of familiarity and closeness.

6. Neumorphism

Wow, what a term. Neumorphism is the tactic of adding light and shadows to make elements on the webpage look like they’re extruding from the background. In 2022, web trends are moving away from flat design, so neumorphism adds texture and depth.

Though this technique might not specifically be the reason people are drawn to your church website, it can create a new feel for visitors. It may even intrigue them to browse around a little more. Then, hopefully, they’ll find a way to get connected and plugged in.


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Communicate with purpose through your website. By using some of these church website design trends, you’ll be able to extend your reach.

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