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The Top 8 Resources for Church Communicators

Posted by Samantha Decker



Despite the title of church communicator, this important person is known to wear a number of hats. From project manager to online marketing specialist, church communicators fill a number of roles at church including graphic artist consultant, content writer, and public relations specialist. Church communicators are often called on to solve a variety of problems, such as helping the pastor upload their latest blog post and fixing design problems, like fuzzy-looking photos on upcoming events flyers.

Because of the variety of tasks church communicators do, along with their numerous responsibilities, they are required to be experts in many different subjects. This is exactly why we have put this list together—it's for all the church communicators out there who need access to information that will help them do their jobs even better. Plus, like most creatives, sometimes they need a little help getting their creative juices flowing, which is something these resources can help with as well.

Without further ado, here are our top 8 resources for church communicators:

Church Marketing Sucks

For those who don't get deterred by the name of the website, Church Marketing Sucks is a great resource for church communicators as it provides a plethora of communications tips along with several articles that offer advice on a variety of topics, such as social media, brand & identity, and even personal care. Their greatest goal is to help the church to better communicate the greatest story ever told.

The Unstuck Group

It's easy for churches to get stuck doing the same things without anyone bringing new and fresh ideas to the table. This frequently happens when churches host the same kinds of events or services and the church communicator ends up recycling the same marketing material each and every year.

Thankfully, there is this website that promises to help churches get unstuck and break out of those vicious cycles. Besides offering free tools and planning guides, The Unstuck Group also offers practical advice for goal setting and healthy leadership.

Church Motion Graphics


For church communicators that are in need of background graphics and videos, Church Motion Graphics has it covered. This site offers a wide range of graphics for sermon slides, worship lyrics, and social media as well as tips for churches on how to use their slides and templates in order to enhance the worship experience of churchgoers.

They also showcase the best backgrounds for special services, provide checklists for holiday media, and how-to-tips for the effective use CMG motion backgrounds. If all that weren't enough, they also offer freebies on a pretty regular basis.

Church Relevance

For church communicators who want to browse through a list of the top 300 Christian blogs or they need to find a list of the top theological seminaries in the United States, Church Relevance is the place to go.

This website, which is part of the Sharefaith network, offers free graphics, downloadable inspirational videos, and other resources pertinent to different types of church ministries.

Fellowship One

Along with finding beneficial information regarding trends in technology and ways to incorporate dynamic leadership, Fellowship One exists to help churches in every area of church management, including operations, financials, and data reporting.

Their website is also a great resource when it comes to finding products that help churches to run more efficiently like online giving tools and church accounting software.

Church Juice


Whether church communicators are looking for ways to improve their church communications, how to have better Sunday announcements, or how to reach a church audience with storytelling, Church Juice has blog posts on all of these topics, and more.

By checking out other parts of their website, some great training resources will be found, especially pertaining to social media, media relations, graphic design, and using new communications tools. Basically if it has to do with helping churches improve the way they communicate, this website has some great ideas and training tools to do just that.

The Rocket Company

Created to help churches realize their vision with limited resources, The Rocket Company has also been able to establish themselves as a leader in helping the church in a variety of other areas as well.

They exist to do things like help pastors put together well-structured sermons, provide affordable coaching that helps the church to become successful in all areas of ministry, and help churches produce great worship services. They also blog on a variety of topics including discipleship, church safety, stress management, giving, and volunteer training.

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