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[New Ministry Focused Layout] New Here 3

Posted by Joanna Gray


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Help your church drive engagement and help your website visitors know how to get involved.  Use "New Here 3" to give a warm welcome and answer some of the most common questions and drive ministry engagement

This New Here layout features a variety of image and content sections as you scroll down the page. It's easy to use sections to highlight upcoming events, your location, the latest news, introduce your staff, and more!

Add in the most important information and allow your website visitor to get straight to the heart of your messaging.You can use the layout as is or simplify it to meet your needs. And we've already got a couple great live examples. 

Check out the "I'm New" page at

Sea Coast Grace or the "New" page at Abba's House and imagine how you can help your church website be more engaging with your site visitors.

We built this layout with a "section-based" approach. That way you can use as much (or as little) content as you'd like to serve your church. Click here to t
ake a look for yourself.

Let's walk thru the sections together:

  • Welcome Header - Use a text overlay for church name, times and a call to action for for your viewers. On our most popular themes, the background can be an image, rotator, or looping video, ask your representative about the latest updates. 
  • New Here 3 sectionsWhat to Expect - We recommend using icons from your site's current icon font to keep it consistent. This section sets apart important information in an eye-catching, visual, and easy-to-digest way. 
  • Ministry Tiles - This section was designed to have a lot of impact and include animation, to draw the viewer in. The tile image will zoom on mouse hover, and the content will open below the clicked item. Can be customized with any variety of content.  
  • Featured Event - This section pulls the event image, title, date/time, description and highlights your next event that would be great for new people to attend. 
  • Meet Our Pastors -  Using our Monklet system, this layout pulls in staff photos and detail. Help your site visitors get to know and recognize the faces they will see when they visit your church. 
  • Video or Story - Use an Article to highlight a welcome video, a story, a testimony, missionary, outreach event, or anything else you'd like your visitors to see. 
  • Map Section - Don't forget to make it easy to find your church!  

Click on over to check out the New Here 3 layout in action!  

How to Get Started with the New Here Layout

The "New Here" Layout will allow you to promote, explain, and fully support the worship and work of your church. And -- more importantly -- allow your community to join your church more easily! 

This ministry focused layout was built to help you communicate all the information your church has to offer -- in a coherent and easy way.

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