Help your team choose the best online giving tool for your church!

Download the e360 Giving Buyer's Guide Kit

We know you're well aware of all the benefits of online giving, but communicating them to your church leadership team isn't always easy. We've created this Giving Buyer's Guide Kit to help answer all of your questions about online giving and equip you to communicate the benefits of having a great online giving tool to your team. 

What's Included:

The Giving Buyer's Guide Kit includes 3 key pieces:

  1. Buyer's Guide PDF: A guide designed to answer your questions about online giving (*Bonus: includes pro tips on how to make the most of e360 Giving).
  2. How to Make the Switch to Online Giving: A ten-step strategy plan to get you started.
  3. Editable Slide Deck: Your slides to present to your team are already created for you! We've included all the files you need to customize any additional information, colors, or logos specific for your church. 

Next Steps:

Using the Buyer's Guide Kit is simple. All you have to do is fill out the form, download the kit, decide what pieces are most helpful, and then use the kit to present your online giving tool decision to your team.

We sure hope to get you set up on e360 Giving, but even if not, we pray you end up with a great technology solution that will help you further your mission online.

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