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[Free eBook] Annual Giving Statements: Surprise & Delight Your Givers

Posted by Joanna Gray

December 16, 2016 10:50 AM



We want to take a moment in this busy Christmas season to help you get some paperwork out of the way. This isn't a regular blog post where we tell you how to do the social things, improve your church management, or make quick website improvements.

Those are all good things, but today I want to share a great new resource with you. 

Sending Annual Statements is kind of a "boring legal document" (don't worry, you have til late January!), but it doesn't have to feel like a "boring legal document" when your donors read them. We partnered with Generis to provide this helpful resource. Generis is a great company and we love their advice and thought leadership when it comes to cultivating generosity.  

We know you have a lot to do and hopefully this new resource can make it not only easier, but more effective. 


Annual Giving Statements: How to Surprise and Delight Your Givers

This eBook has practical advice on how to engage your congregation with your Annual Report, including:

  • Sample Letters From The Pastor
  • Best Practice Mailing Techniques
  • Pre-mailing Announcements and Video Samples 
  • (and more...)

We look forward to continuing to give you great content about your church websites, online giving, and church management system. But we're also really excited to launch this new partnership.

Download this eBook and learn just how great it can be to get financial planning and fundraising advice from someone (Generis) who can really help your church get to the next level. 

As always, it is a blessing to do this work and help support your churches! Leave a comment if you have any church office questions you'd like to see addressed in a blog post. Reader questions give us some of the best ideas! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Annual Reporting! 

Get the Generis eBook

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