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9 Awesome Church Websites Launched This Spring!

Posted by Joanna Gray

April 18, 2017 7:30 AM



It's spring! For many people this means new beginnings, new life, and growth. As winter fades into the background and warmer temperatures head our way, spring brings about a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Sunshine and joy are in the air making it a little easier to be optimistic about life.

Since a new season has just begun, we thought it would be a great time to showcase 9 awesome church websites that launched recently. Maybe it will inspire you to finally create that church website you've always wanted, or to put new life into your church's current website. Whatever the case may be, think spring and enjoy the show!

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Top e360 Theme Sites:

Oakwood Presbyterian Church

Theme used: Spurgeon

Why we love it: Oakwood makes it obvious they have a lot going on at their church, and even though their website contains an abundance of content, it's organized in a way that makes it easy to navigate. Users can simply scroll down to find the latest sermon, stories from the people, upcoming events, their blog, etc. Users also have the option of clicking on the easily visible drop down menus at the top of the page to find out more about Oakwood.



Grace Bible Fellowship

Theme used: Augustine

Why we love it: We love the energetic and attention-grabbing video that Grace Bible Fellowship has in the background. It really showcases a vibrant, growing, and inviting church. They also make it easy to find their latest message. Their coming events section is clearly visible and up to date, which is extremely important. Users can also easily navigate their website and get more information by using the slide-in menu.



Christian Life Center

Theme used: Elliot

Why we love it: Christian Life Center makes great use of imagery that shows they are friendly and welcoming. They also do a fantastic job of branding as the green leaves in their logo match the trees at the top of the page, as well as the forest that's in the background of their short welcome video, along with the green clickable buttons. The images, logo, and entire website speaks life, which adequately complements the name of their church.



Glenwood Baptist Church

Theme used: ten Boom

Why we love it: We like that Glenwood repeats their "know, grow, show, and go" slogan as clickable icons that link to pages giving more information on how this can be done. For example by clicking on the heart, it goes to a page titled, "KNOW Christ." Their rotating images provide information on upcoming events, sermon titles, testimonies, and more. Their "What to Expect" section gives visitors added information about their service, worship style, and what's in it for the kids.



Glory House of Prayer

Theme used: Faber

Why we love it: The rotating images in the header are attention grabbing, and even clickable. Glory House of Prayer makes it easy to find a list of their sermons, which can either be downloaded or listened to. We also like how they put their mission statement front and center followed by clickable buttons and pictures that showcase who they are, what they believe, ministries they offer, and an introduction to their pastors. The upcoming events section is clean, easy to navigate, and up to date.



Hill Country Church

Theme used: Wilberforce

Why we love it: Simple and clean, Hill Country makes good use of three important elements when creating a website: white space, images, and color coordination. We also like how they use black at the very bottom to give it a bit of contrast and the white text makes important information, such as service times and their address, easy to read. Their color-coordinated social media buttons provide a convenient way to connect with them.



East Cobb United Methodist Church

Theme used: Redesign to Nouwen

Why we love it: East Cobb's church website has all the necessary elements to effectively describe their church and what's going on there. Click on their "New Here" button and visitors will be able to learn all the information they need including directions, what to expect, and how to get involved. East Cobb repeats their main menu at both the top and the bottom of their page adding a nice sense of balance.



Top Custom and Tailored Sites:

Shelter Rock Church

Theme we started with: L’Engle

Why we love it: We really like how Shelter Rock makes creative use of a large photograph in the background of their website. But what we like about it even more is that the photograph is black and white so that it doesn't interfere with the color they use in their rotating images. By scrolling down, users will be able to see the photo in its entirety. As visitors keep scrolling, they will find more good use of images that complements the content.



First Church

Custom Website

Why we love it: We love, love, love how the rotating images used in the header of First Church's custom website goes right along with their content. Each photo is vibrant and bright, making this a church people really would love to visit. The countdown to their live stream gives it a unique touch. Continue to scroll and they provide all the information you'll need to find out more about their church and what they have to offer. This really is a beautiful yet easy-to-navigate site.



Next Steps

These church websites not only turned out beautifully, but were launched even during the chaos of the Easter season—that's no easy feat!

Have you been inspired by these churches? If you're ready to harness that inspiration into action, start by downloading our eBook Getting Your Church Website Back on Track to see if there are any opportunities for your own church website growth.


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