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Team up with our strategist, Ashley Beaty to get your free custom MOA strategy assessment—packaged in a document to bring to your team.


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About Your MOA

The Mission Online Assessment (MOA) phone call and screen share is the perfect solution for large churches looking to make big changes in their websites. But a one-size-fits-all solution won't help you achieve your goals.

Before jumping into website design and development, we want to first understand who you are, and what your mission is so that we can develop a website strategy that grows your community.


"We had some unique challenges in some of our ministry areas and Ashley helped us devise strategies using Ekklesia 360s layouts that worked for us! I had questions from each of my ministry areas about their specific pages and I was able to have all those answers for them after a 30-minute call. The MOA gave me the answers I needed to sara-stoltz.pngpitch our new church website to our church leadership."
Sara Stoltz, Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

What We'll Cover in Your Free MOA

We can make strategic recommendations based on the MOA call, your guidance, and our expertise to build your website proposal and get a project estimate for a new site with Ekklesia 360. Then, you’re able to make the best decision possible to align your site to your mission. Here's what you'll get:

Discuss Your Goals

We take time to evaluate how effectively your current website communicates your church’s story. We’ll uncover what you envision the website being able to do for your church and key focus areas for a new site.

Audience Analysis

Receive an analysis on how effective your current site connects with different audiences, and moves them from a first time visitor, to regular attender, and eventually to a mature member, through content verbiage, navigation structure, and clear calls to action. 

Best Practices

Visualize what’s possible for your new site during the screen share. Your strategist will share best practices and live examples from other churches across the country to help envision what a new, refreshed, and streamlined site can do for your church.

Get Next Steps

Your Strategist will share a list of recommendations and live examples in a shiny, custom proposal made specifically for your church that you can share with your team and get them on board! Your Strategist will
provide you with clear next steps on what it will take to get a new and effective Ekklesia 360 site live.

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