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48 Free Ministry Icons You Can Download Now

Posted by Jenn Craycraft




If you're a church communicator or a church graphic designer, chances are you've experienced the seemingly never-ending search for the perfect ministry icons. 

Well, look no further because the design team here at MonkDev, builders of Ekklesia 360, loves using icons to create a visual story and we want to pass some of our unique ministry icons on to you - for free.

If you need some icon inspiration, keep reading! We've helped the following churches use icons alongside ministry content to help foster growth. 


How Churches Are Using Ministry Icons


August Gate Church

August Gate Church’s home page presents strong calls to Visit, Gather, Grow and Go on our e360 Theme ten Boom. Built with easily editable options in mind, the ten Boom theme comes loaded with a list of icons to choose from.



Tip: SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic, and they are the best way to use icons in the world of responsive design. Vector graphics use a fixed set of shapes, rather than bitmat graphics, which use pixels. This means that scaling a icon enlarges the shape of the design (keeping the quality good on desktop and mobile).




FBC Knoxville

FBC Knoxville uses the 4 colors from their logo to create identity around specific areas of their ministry. We created a welcome section on their homepage that uses icons, along with these colors, to bring clarity around their next steps.


48 Ministry Icons - Our Gift to You

Icons are not just a graphic way to make your site more interesting, they serve a real purpose. When icons are used to supplement text, they actually help site visitors comprehend content faster. Visual cues (used well) create a quick overview of content and make content easier to scan.

I believe that there is no detail worth ignoring in good design, so why settle for icons that “kinda work” for ministry specific content?


You can easily find quality sets of icons online, but finding ministry specific sets is still a little trickier. We value website design that attracts new visitors, builds engagement and creates lasting connections with the body of Christ. With that in mind, we set out to make a set of free icons that could be used alongside ministry content to help foster growth.


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