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Ekklesia 360 New Features for your Church Website

Posted by Joanna Gray

September 30, 2016 2:27 PM



We haven't posted a feature update in a while, but that hasn't stopped our team from making improvements for you.  

Brent DeLeo of Faith Presbyterian Church had this to say: "This is a GREAT feature and really sets you apart from other companies. This is the feature I'm the most excited about." 

He's excited about the fact that he (and all of you!) can now schedule your content to switch from draft to live--and back again--whenever you'd like. Imagine how much that can free up your time! Here's the full list of new features and product updates:

  • Scheduled Content Publishing.
    • You can now schedule content to be published or unpublished down to the specific minute.
    • Our team also added the ability to have multiple scheduled content toggles (publish, draft, featured). You can go back and forth from "live" to "draft" and back again. 
    • Content scheduling has been added to multiple new modules (Rotator Slides, Sermons, Events, Small Groups).

  • Updated search API and backend search results.
    • Small Groups module is now included in search results.
    • Content Sections are now indexed and included in search results.
  • Added e360 ChMS to e360 CMS Events integration.
    • You can now sync a specific calendar's events from e360 ChMS to your website calendar with Ekklesia 360 CMS.
  • Improved support for SSL (security).
    • New HTTPS redirect option for site pages
    • Media files now available over HTTPS
  • Installed safeguards to help prevent common htaccess mistakes.
  • Improved spam protection for Blog comments.
  • e360 Giving -- Online, text, kiosk, recurring. 
    • An onling giving solution for your church, bringing you the best of technology and the ease of working with a team you already trust and know. Click to learn more. 
  • e360 ChMS -- So much more than a database.
    • Let us help you get your church office back under control. Set user permission, integrate event calendars, contact staff and memberships, use automated emails, and track volunteers. Click to learn more. 
We're so excited about these features and I'm sure you can see the way this will help your church website and your church office as you read through the list. Leave us a comment below with your new feature requests. You never know, you might just get what you ask for!

Your Next Steps with Ekklesia 360

These are just a few of the newest ministry features at work in Ekklesia 360. Imagine the impact you could have if you put all of these great new services to work for you. 

Sometimes all it takes is a look at the latest and greatest to realize just how much better your church's online giving could be. But you don't need to worry about getting caught up in an endless tech and security project. We've got a free eBook that's a great way to get started. Download our eBook, "How e360 Giving Makes Tithes and Offering Easy for Donors and Admins" and learn about how great online giving can be for your church. 


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