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How Your Tiny Church Can Have Great Graphic Design

Posted by Joanna Gray

October 18, 2016 6:30 AM



There are many large churches and even medium-sized churches that seem to be taking the country by storm. But just because your church is tiny, doesn't mean it lacks relevance or is not making an impact on the world around you. And just because your church doesn't have a lot of the resources that larger churches have, doesn't mean that you have to go without.

One such resource smaller churches think they can do without, or think they don't need to invest a lot of time and energy into, is graphic design. While it might be true that smaller churches don't have a big need for a ton of fresh and ongoing graphic design, the truth of the matter is, the image of the ministry still matters. It's time to stop using clip art only and expand your church graphic design horizons.

Your church may be small, but it is still strong, and you will want to convey that message to others. You can do it by having great graphic design. Afterall, don't they say that great things come in small packages? Here are some ways your church can still influence your small-yet-strong church's image with small graphic design endeavors like the following:


Consistent, Awesome Bulletin Boards

The church bulletin board is usually centered on a certain theme. These themes can be anything from holidays to Bible verses. The church bulletin board might also contain sign-up sheets for volunteers, flyers for upcoming events, and prayers for those in need. Sometimes the whole point of having a church bulletin board is to welcome visitors. No matter what your reason for having one, a successful church bulletin board should promote interaction, increase participation, and create a sense of community. While only minimal graphic design skills are required to put it together, it should still look professional to maintain a positive church image.


No Website, No Problem

If your small church doesn't have its own website, there are still ways to create an internet presence. Taking charge of your church social media will allow you to post and share images, positive messages, and help with your overall church branding efforts. When it comes to social media, there are virtually no graphic design skills required. Not only does using social media in your small church keep your congregation engaged, it's also a way to reach out to new people. To use social media effectively, consider the following tips:

  • Start out small - don't get an account on every social media platform out there
  • Make sure your social media personality accurately portrays your church
  • Use social media as a way to learn about others and understand their needs
  • Try to keep it light and don't get involved in controversies and arguments


Look for Talent Within Your Congregation

If you do want to find someone with some graphic design skills who can put together some business cards for the church leadership team, postcards to advertise the next upcoming event, or any other type of print materials, try to find someone within your congregation. This will be much less expensive than having to hire a graphic designer whose hourly rates can range anywhere from $13.25 to nearly $40. If you are able to find a freelance graphic designer in your congregation, there is a decent chance they may donate their time to your project. It's not fair to expect them to donate their time, but there is a chance they may if it's a small project, or if you can cast the vision for the impact of new projects. Designers in your church may charge a reduced or non-profit rate.


Find Inspiration From Other Local Small Churches

Inspiration is all around you, including other local small churches. If you like what they are doing, you may want to ask who they use for their graphic design. If it's someone from their own congregation, they might even be willing to have that person work for you, or have that person train someone in your congregation.


Use the Many Free Resources Online

The excellent news about finding design ideas, templates, and graphics to use, is that there are many free resources online for churches. Some of these resources include:

  • Canva - Free layouts for customizable church flyers
  • NLC Creative - Graphics for sermons as well as motion graphics
  • Creationswap - Free high quality graphics including videos and photos
  • Riseup Resources - a variety of high quality church graphics

By doing a Google search for "free church graphic design," you will find several more that will be of great help when it comes to getting graphics and help with your church graphic design needs. 


Next Steps

If your church is small but mighty and you are ready to have great graphic design, download our design kit, the Church Graphic Design Kit!

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