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How Much Does a Church Website Cost? 4 Different Scenarios

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How much is a church website? Your answer largely depends on, well, your own needs! Every church has a unique mission, message, congregation, and budget.

The cost of a church website isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of answer—and you probably know that. But still. You've got to get some idea of how much it costs.

And we totally get that. And we also totally get that it might be nice to just have an idea of how much a website costs right away, rather than having to spend weeks talking to a representative, only to find at the end that it’s outside your budget—we don't want you to lose so much time!

Even though it may not be exact for every church, we’re going to try and answer your question using 4 different made up churches with different sizes and needs.

So, how much is a church website? Choose the best story that fits your church to get an idea.

If you're not sure what you're looking for, you also might find our Buyer's Guide helpful.

Scenario #1: Less Than 500 Average Weekly Attendance

how-much-should-a-church-website-cost-4-scenarios-134177-edited.jpegImagine you are a smaller church, in the market for a simple, fairly traditional website. You've got a small technology budget and a template will work just fine.

For an e360 Theme, start-up costs are $500. Websites for churches in this range can generally be anywhere from free (if you choose something like Wordpress) with a monthly subscription or up to around $1000 for a template.

If you are hoping to alter the structure of your theme or add additional templates that don't come with the theme, the cost would increase. But, with an e360 Theme, the ability to customize colors, content, images, etc. is included. The great news about our templates is that you can start small but still have space to grow.

For churches with a less than 500 average weekly attendance, our most popular plan costs $85 a month. Honestly, if actually spending $0 is your goal, you can find cheaper options (Wix, SquareSpace, WordPress), but we have found that most smaller churches see a lot of benefit from our robust support and church-focused functionality. We also have a monthly plan that is only $29.

In this particular scenario, a good range for Ekklesia is $60 to $85 a month or $70 to $95 a month, if you include a separate tool such as online giving, that accrues an additional monthly cost.

Ballpark Figure: $500 for setup and $60 to $85 per month.

Smaller churches usually choose our Basic or Plus plan.

Scenario #2: Large Church with 1000 Weekly Attendance

how-much-should-a-church-website-cost-4-scenarios-2-409996-edited.jpegIn an effort to reduce cost, a church of this size could get away with a template but still have the ability to customize it. Some common types of customizations churches ask for include:

  • New here layout
  • Live stream layout
  • Staff layout
  • Third party integration
  • Navigation updates or changes
  • Social media feeds

Customizations are either $350 for a layout, or scoped individually at $150/hour for development time and $125/hour for design time.

Ballpark Figure: $1000 to $4000 for setup and $85 to $175 per month.

Medium to large churches usually choose our Plus or Advanced Plan.

Scenario #3: Large Church with at Least 2500 Weekly Attendants

how-much-should-a-church-website-cost-4-scenarios-3-168627-edited.jpegThis scenario works well for churches that are looking for a completely new custom website that needs certain parts for giving, volunteering, registration, etc. Other reasons a huge church would fall under this scenario include:

  • They have their content ready, but they just don't know how to approach a new custom website design
  • They want a trendy design that's very visual, and some (but not too much) animation
  • They have a big staff and they will all have some sort of role in this church website

If you want your church website to have aaaallll the bells and whistles, you can expect to pay at least $15,000. This price would cover the bare bones, and only the things you absolutely need. Realistically, most fully custom projects are $25,000 to $35,000, maybe not with all the bells and whistles, but certainly many of them.

Ballpark Figure: Large churches should expect to pay a more significant setup fee, and then reasonable monthlies of $175 to $295 per month.

Churches of this size usually choose our Advanced or Pro Plan.

Scenario #4: Multi-Site Campus Church


So what happens if it's the same church, but with 4 different locations, like one campus is in the inner city, one in the suburbs, etc.? Despite the different locations and congregations, multi-site churches usually have the same mission, same leadership, and the same "tone," but they need to maintain a unified style. Their website also needs to serve each location uniquely.

Multi-Site church website pricing generally looks like this:

  • Tailored Website: $6,000 to $12,000 for a tailor-made website for a multi-site campus church, with a strategy to set up campuses well
  • Custom Website: $25,000 to $40,000 depending on your specific needs. This would include a strategy to establish exactly how your content should be organized to set your church up for success.

Ballpark Figure: Would be the setup cost for a tailored or custom website plus $85 to $295 a month, depending on how much content the church has.

Have you checked out our eBook made specifically for a multi-site church website strategy? Click here to download.

Please note: No matter which scenario you find yourself falling under and no matter which plan you choose, we offer a 10% discount if you pay yearly.

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