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It's a New Year! Need Some New Church Communications Inspiration?

Posted by Joanna Gray

January 6, 2017 11:06 AM



Welcome to 2017. Hopefully, the year has been kind to you so far. It's time to take a break from working on your church website and take a look around the rest of your church office. We know the work is meaningful and usually we all love it. But occasionally, we just need some new inspiration. Before you get back to planning your content calendar and working, on the "normal" stuff, take a moment and see if any of these ideas strike your fancy. 

How many of these are new to you? Leave us a comment below if you have a favorite new resource or inspiration to share!

A New (-ish) Podcast:

Unfortuantely, the book giveaway is over, but the podcast is still great. Click here to listen as Steve Fogg interviews Kem Meyer about her newest release, "Less Chaos, Less Noise." Or start with some of the other episodes. I've liked all the episodes I've heard!


Building Maturity Personally and Professionally:

We all work hard -- do we work on ourselves? For a quick check and some encouraging reinforcement, take a look at these two resources. 

  • For your team. Insights from the team at Vanderbloemen about helping your team grow and build more maturity.  
  • For yourself. They say this is the app that will change the way you have your time with God. That's a pretty big claim -- but they do a good job of making it the right kinds of addictive. Give it a try!  
  • For everyone. If you're the type who likes to join a group and see what other communicators are doing on their church websites, we've found a Facebook group for you. We encourage the relevant members of your team to check it out and join. 


New Ways to Welcome Your Visitors:

It's time to shake it up in the lobby. Foyer? Parking lot? Narthex? What do you call the place where you welcome people? Whatever you call it, here's some ways to make the experience even better! 


Self Improvement:

It's not all about your job and your church though. Maybe you're looking for a new way to learn something, take some lessons, try a new skill you've considered for a while. This can be your year. 


Church Office Improvement:

And a few church communications and church office management articles just for good measure. 


Phew! I think that's enough for now. If you want even more inspiriation and encouragement, subscribe to our blog and come along for the ride.  


Next Steps

If you had fun with this post, we've got more planned. Subscribe to our blog and don't miss a single post -- informative or funny. Which one is your favorite inspiration? Let us know in the comments or share this post with a friend or co-worker. 

If your church office is anything like the ones we know, you need your job to be as easy as possible. Your church website doesn't have to be a headache. To learn more about how to optimize your church website, download our free eBook, "Getting Your Church Back on Track."


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