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10 Rockstar Church Websites That Are Promoting Easter

Posted by Joanna Gray

April 4, 2017 7:30 AM



Easter is just around the corner and we wanted to show you some real-life examples of churches that are totally rockin' it when it comes to promoting their Easter services and events. By checking out these 10 rock star church websites, you will be inspired to go big or go home when it comes to promoting your own Easter services! As an added bonus, you'll probably find some great ideas along the way. Whether these church websites are making great use of shareable Easter graphics, easy to read text, beautiful backgrounds, or fun photographs that complement their content, you'll want to be sure to incorporate some of the same concepts for your Easter service promotion.


Central Christian Church

This website does a great job letting potential visitors know they are welcome to join them for Easter. Central Christian Church also does a good job at getting the word out so that visitors know what to expect during both of their Easter services. This can help to alleviate some awkwardness that visitors who aren't familiar with their church might feel, especially when it comes to knowing what to wear. Besides helping their visitors feel right at home, one of our favorite things on this webpage are the shareable graphics that make it easy for people to invite their friends and family to their Easter services.


10-rockstar-church-websites-that-are-promoting-easter-central-christian 2.png


Shelter Cove

Some churches have services during the entire Easter season. With so much information, it can get confusing, making all of the services hard to promote at the same time. As you can see, however, Shelter Cove keeps it simple, making their promotion page for the upcoming Easter services easy to follow. The graphics add a nice touch as well. Visitors to their website will be able to see right away that they have two Good Friday services, two services on Saturday, and not one or two, but four services on Easter Sunday. Keep on scrolling and you'll easily find information on their Eggstravaganza event.



Relevant Church

Visitors to Relevant Church's website will be able to see at a glance when they are holding their Easter services. They also make other pertinent information easy to find, letting visitors know about their adult services, and also that they have something for the kids as well. With just a click of a button, visitors to the site can find out more about their church and also how to pre-register the kids. Scroll down and check out Relevant's large, colorful, and attention-grabbing graphics. It's super cool that they are already building momentum to  promote their post-Easter service activities.



Grace Covenant Church

This church makes great use of the white space on their webpage announcing all of their Easter services. The dates and times are easy to read, and while promoting services on different campuses can be a bit cumbersome, Grace Covenant Church makes everything easy to follow. If visitors are looking for other Easter events, those are included as well. We really like that this church makes it easy to share and invite using social media, and we really really like the beautiful Easter graphics that can be shared on Instagram.



Church of the Redeemer

There is absolutely no mistaking what Church of the Redeemer is promoting when going to their website. This simple but elegant page features a gorgeous blue sky and white clouds in the background and when visitors scroll down, it simply blends in with the rest of the page. They have even added a video that will help visitors know what to expect, along with an evite button to make it easy to invite your friends and family. Their perfectly placed photographs beautifully complement their promotional content.



Walnut Creek Church

Having several Easter services can be hard to promote, throw in a few different campuses and it can get even more confusing. Walnut Creek Church does a fantastic job of making sure their visitors know what service is when, not to mention where. Their shareable Easter graphics make it easy to let friends and family know about their Easter services.



James River Church

The colorful header on this webpage is colorful and bright - perfect for promoting Easter services. The two clickable buttons give visitors a chance to fill out a form to plan a visit to James River Church or to watch a service online. Though they have three campuses, the information is easy to read for all of their Easter services. They also make it super easy to share their webpage on social media, making it very convenient to invite friends and family.





Christ's Church of the Valley

This church's website makes great use of photographs and they use a different one to promote each of their Easter services. Christ's Church of the Valley also includes other pertinent information and events following each service. Visitors can click the different buttons, depending on whether they want to share the event, they need directions, or they want to serve at one of the services. Visitors can also share the entire page over social media.



King of Glory Lutheran Church

They are not promoting their Easter service, but King of Glory Lutheran Church does a superb job promoting their Easter Egg Hunt. At the top of their website, they have rotating images promoting various events. In order to get more information about this event, visitors simply need to click on the brightly-colored Easter Egg Hunt graphic. Once they do, visitors can either share the event, sign up for it, or add it to the calendar.




Upon clicking it, the word "rise" that is featured on the ROCKHARBOR website, turns into a video with upbeat music and a short message that advertises their upcoming Easter services. You have to check it out!

This church has several campuses, but by using black text on a white background, all of the information is easy to read. The blue text is actually a clickable link that allows visitors to get more information. The webpage also contains a link for their Good Friday services. 



Next Steps

We're so excited to celebrate Easter—with all of these awesome promotions, it makes us even more anxious for the big day. We want your church to make your members and visitors to be excited for your Easter celebration, and your church website is the place to do it. Easter is just around the corner—these churches are prepared. Are you? Leave us a comment below to share your great Easter website work. If your know that after the bustle of Easter calms down you may need to reassess your website, try our free eBook Getting Your Church Website Back on Track! Click below.


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