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Countdown to Easter: How to Use Your Website to Promote Easter

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Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays in the church. It’s a time to celebrate and rejoice in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s the miraculous event that the entire Christian faith rests upon. 

As Easter approaches, your church has the unique opportunity to reach more people, simply by being strategic with the design and content featured on your church website. How can you make your online presence more strategic and attractive? Take a look at how you can use your church website to promote Easter.


Modify Your Church Website’s Home Page for Easter

One of the main things you can do to promote Easter is to modify your home page. Your home page is the first thing people see when they go to your church website, so it should be the most strategic place to modify. Use unique Easter graphics. Promote the times of your services and all the events your church offers during this season. Explain why Easter is so important in simple terms. Get creative and make your home page a welcoming place for all visitors to gain information about your Easter celebrations.


Create an Easter Landing Page for your Church Website

special events layout

What is a landing page? A landing page is simply a web page that pops up after someone clicks on a link associated with a search engine optimization result, marketing strategy, email, or an online advertisement. The reason you want to use landing pages is to discover how people are getting to your website. Landing pages are easy to create and can be very strategic for your marketing/communication team. Use infographics on your landing page or try creating a simple message that captures your audience’s attention. Make it fun, simple, and informative so people want to click over to your website after viewing the page.

Ekklesia 360’s ministry partners have the option of using our Special Events Layout, which is ideal for promoting special events such as Easter or Vacation Bible School. Contact us to learn more about adding an Easter landing page.


Utilize Blogs and Videos to Promote Easter on Your Website

One of the most strategic ways you can promote Easter on your website is by writing blogs or creating videos. The more content you create, the more people you will attract to your website. The more people you attract to your website, the more opportunities people have to see when and where your services are held. If you’re running short on time, try creating simple videos instead of blogs. They can be easy to make and take little to no time to edit. In our experience, using a mix of both blogs and videos draw in the masses. If you need ideas on what to write or talk about, try hitting these topics:

  • Why we celebrate Easter.
  • Historical overview of the days leading up to Easter.
  • What is Good Friday?
  • How to rejoice in the midst of sorrow.
  • Who is Jesus Christ and why is He important to the Christian Faith?
  • Why the resurrection is so important.
  • How Jesus fulfilled all the Old Testament prophecies

Use these topics as a guideline to write about Easter. Perhaps even include a section on your website for people to anonymously ask questions about Easter so that you can have a baseline for the content your congregation wants.


Increase Church Website Easter Engagement by Getting Social

Getting social is a great way to draw people to your website. Ensure you have the correct website link on all your social media accounts so that people can easily find your church. When you create engaging content, your followers will want to learn more by clicking on your profile. If your website is up-to-date and ready for the challenge, make sure to post daily to maximize the number of people who have the chance to see your website.

Take it a step further and integrate your Facebook Messenger account with your site like Ekklesia 360 ministry partner Wheaton Bible Church. We love how they use their integration to prompt engagement. The moment someone visits their site, they have the opportunity to ask questions. Since adding the chat, they’ve seen our messages go from 1/week to 25/week.

wheaton bible chat

“What’s really cool is that we’ve seen people in their 20s and 70s use it, people new to the church asking questions about their first visit, and regular attendees asking about things on our website (which helps us understand what isn’t working),” recently reported Communications Director Michael Stein. “In the metaphor of your website is the front door, this is the front desk.”


Use Live Streaming to Promote Easter on Your Website 

Live streaming is a strategic tool that you can integrate into your website. Through this integration, you can reach people who won’t be able to make it to church on Easter. It also provides all members who are out of town celebrating the holiday with their families a way to stay in touch with your message. You can also use it as a promotional tool for people to learn more about your church in the weeks leading up to Easter. Learn more about why you should be live streaming your ministry’s sermons and events.

Ekklesia 360 offers a Live Stream Layout for churches who use this powerful engagement tool. Contact us if you’re interested in adding this to your site.  


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