Church Website Strategy that Engages,
Not Just Attracts Visitors Online

Develop the plan that tells visitors your story, guides them on a
pathway to engage and spiritually grows your members.

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Church Website Strategy that Engages, Not Just Attracts Visitors

Get the plan that connects with visitors, streamlines  communications, and grows your church


Gain a Strategic Ministry Partnership

Church communications aren’t meant to be done alone. We partner with thousands of churches and ministries to develop website strategies that launch visitors on an online pathway to engagement and scale the website along with church growth.

Align Your Church’s Vision & Website

The e360 Strategy Project helps church teams find clarity around their church’s unique vision and identity. You’ll make a better first impression for first time visitors looking to learn about your church through your website.

Boost Online Engagement

The e360 Critical Paths Framework ensures you’ll build a website that helps a newcomer find pathways to plan their visit, repeat their visit, find opportunities to join groups or serving teams, and become a mature member who actively grows in their faith–all from your website.

Consolidate Your Web Content

Condense the amount of pages people have to click through to access important content. e360 Strategy saves you time by auditing the content on your current site and providing recommendations for improvement.

Get Analytics Insights

Learn how to think audience-first for improved website engagement. Our Strategists dive into your site’s analytics to improve your church’s digital first impression, uncover how people use your site and the overall site performance.

Streamline Communication Plans

Scale your digital marketing strategies or create brand new communications standards. Either way, e360 Strategy will save you time by refining how and what you communicate online and internal ministry processes.




"e360 Strategy was a pivotal tool for us to build our website and do it the right way. Not only were the strategic plans helpful, but you guys had the right designs and features to execute the strategy."

- Aaron U. High Desert Church

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How Eagle Brook Church Used e360 Strategy 
to Attract One Million Website Visitors



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What Makes e360 Strategy Unique?

When it comes to building a church website, many communicators are busy keeping everything a float or don’t know where to start. e360 Strategy helps churches understand their audiences so they can communicate a pathway to connect with the church and start seeing ministry results.
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When you work with e360 Strategy, you have the expertise of thousands of church websites on your side and a team made up of pastors, communicators and church volunteers who are fully committed to growing the Kingdom with you. The Critical Paths Framework was created to help answer the question “Is our church really helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ?” by planning critical content and next steps that move visitors to regular attendees, regular attendees to engaged members, and eventually mature members growing on their own spirituality.

When you buy a Strategy Project, you will:

  1. Learn the proven Critical Paths Framework that has been implemented on thousands of church websites. You will better understand your church’s ministry processes and how to engage visitors to stay at your church.

  2. See how this framework has been used by churches across the country through live examples and best practices.

  3. Apply the strategic plan to a new site including your homepage set up, site map navigation, and even communication workflows. e360 Strategy will help you create a website that represents your church.

People want to connect with your church. If your website is creating barriers to connect, they’ll find another church who speaks to them. Once you have a strategic plan, you know exactly what you’re building on your new site and why it’s important. Churches that get people moving on a pathway grow. Buy a Strategy Project today. Why? Because you’ll miss out on growing people if they don’t know what to do after their first visit to your church.

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