Welcome to Ekklesia 360

We're excited to partner with faithHighway and help you serve your church. This transition is a great opportunity for you to upgrade your church website. With Ekklesia 360 you'll have:

  • improved and updated security features
  • great new designs to match the style of your church (from traditional to contemporary)
  • cutting edge mobile technology to keep up with your congregation when they are on the go 
  • fantastic onboarding and customer support
  • tailored Layouts available to support your church's events, small groups, giving, sermons, and many other ministry areas
  • a resource library and newsletter to help you keep up with the changing church communication and technology trends
You'll have a new great new website to help you attract more visitors and increase engagement among your members.

Fill out the quick contact form to learn more about how Ekklesia 360 can help you improve your church website. One of our transition reps will reach back out to you right away. 

Ekklesia 360 is your ministry partner. We're here to support you and your church through every phase of growth and maturity.

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